9 Signs Of A Man’s Attractiveness To You

How many times have you heard that women are complicated?

I would find it hard to disagree – we have a strong tendency to think too much and over-analyze things but it is mainly because we don’t want to miss something.

We like to have all the options in perspective and know where we are going before we make any decisions.

Because of this tendency to over-analyze, we often find ourselves dissecting every attitude of a man in order to understand what his primary intentions are.

As a result, we spend countless nights, lying in our bed, trying to understand whether or not a man is attracted to us and how much.

Discovering the signs of a man’s attraction can be exhausting, but not if you are familiar with the telltale signs, capable of helping you get your answer quickly and put an end to all those sleepless nights dedicated to solving the mystery.

Your man may think that you will not notice him but many things in him will shout his real attachment to you and these signs will betray him.

If a man feels attracted to you:

1. He will want to know how your day went

He will not ask for the latest juicy gossip from the office just to have something to talk about, but because he is genuinely interested in you and the things that make up your life.

He will want to know the details of your day and if he can do anything to brighten up your day.

2. He will want to know if he missed you

A man, when his attraction is at its peak, turns into a baby dreaming of the attention of a woman.

Knowing if you’ve missed him means a lot more to him than you can imagine.

This will allow him to know if you want and if it is right to continue his chivalrous acts to conquer you.

3. He will want to know what you plan to do

He wants to know everything about you, especially if you have specific plans.

And if he wants to know everything, it is because he has the firm intention of inviting himself to participate in anything that you plan to do.

If a man feels a strong attraction for you:

4. He will feel the need to touch you

It is not in a * sense, although it does not lack attraction for you on that side either.

To be honest, he loves to touch your hand or any other part of your body.

He will tell you that you have beautiful hair and will take the chance to stroke it.

It is one of the most clear signs that he is attracted to you.

5. He will feel the need to make you laugh

If he is attracted to you, your laughter will be like soft music in his ears.

He will do anything and everything to see the smile of the woman he is attracted to – your smile.

6. He will feel the need to tell the whole world what’s going on between you

He will not hide from you, nor will he hide his feelings or desire for you.

He will make sure that everyone around him (and all of you) is aware of his attraction to you.

His friends will know and his family will wonder who is this girl who stole his heart and his mind, and he will not be shy about answering the question.

If he is strongly attracted to you:

7. He will be jealous

He will show some discreet signs of jealousy. If his attraction is powerful, he will want to know who you are *.

He will want to know if other men are in the running and will remember them.

Make sure you pay attention, a form of innocent jealousy speaks volumes about your attraction to you but if jealousy is too present, it may be problematic for you.

8. He will be protective

It is naturally protective of you. Maybe men have this innate need to protect all women, but his need to protect you will be expressed in a different way.

The level of interest he will show you will allow you to know if his attraction is really powerful or not.

9. He will outdo himself

He will do everything possible to outdo himself. He will constantly try to improve and do things to prove that he gives the best of himself in order to conquer you.

He will do everything in his power for you to choose him and stay with him. And this is the ultimate sign of a man’s powerful attraction.

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