10 Signs That He Is Not Worthy Of The Efforts You Make For Him

Love is not supposed to be easy and you shouldn’t expect it to be. If you really want a “and they lived happily ever after”, you will have to work for and accept that, as the truthful and wise quote says “you never have nothing for nothing”.

Generally, this is more than true!

If you really want to live the love you think you deserve, it will take effort and hard work.

With that in mind, remember that you need to be very careful about choosing those to whom you give your attention.

You must be sure that the person you are trying to impress deserves your attention.

You don’t want to waste precious time in your life for someone who doesn’t deserve you.

You don’t want to end up suffering, simply because in the end, this guy was a manipulative asshole.

The moment you realize that you love someone who will never love you back, someone who leads you by boat, you will have to manage to catch yourself and move forward without slowing you down.

If you don’t want your love to be taken for granted and you don’t want to dedicate your life to someone who isn’t worth it, watch out for a few signs:

1. It’s his own number one priority

He always wants to be the center of attention. Your whole relationship revolves around him. He doesn’t care about your needs and as long as his life is in order, he is happy.

He is selfish and does not care about anyone other than him, neither do you. He asks so much of you, never giving you anything in return.

2. You are too different

It is okay to be two different people, but if your core values ​​are completely opposite, it becomes problematic.

It is difficult to find common ground when our values ​​are so different. You don’t agree on anything and that is the main reason why you argue all the time.

This is especially difficult to overcome when one of you refuses to compromise, and then it is almost impossible to function and make your relationship last.

3. He has no time for you

You are always the last on his list. Everything is more important than you.

If the person with whom you share your life never has time to devote to you, it is because he doesn’t care about you completely.

You are not of great importance to him and your relationship has no future.

4. He talks about other girls

Not just girls – he often talks about his exes in your conversations. It’s even worse when it starts comparing you to them.

It only does this to hurt you. He does this voluntarily because taking care of you has no interest in his eyes.

He does not love you and will never love you. Most likely, you are his back-up plan, until something better presents itself.

5. He doesn’t want to talk to you.

You must initiate all conversations. You have to animate it so that it speaks to you, it never does it first.

And even when you speak, you have to keep asking questions to make him join the conversation, and you have to pretend that everything is fine so as not to offend him.

6. He sends you contradictory messages

It blows hot and cold. For a moment, he is kind and generous and the one after that, he becomes not very attentive and seems heartless.

Generally, it is only pleasant because it wants something from you and the rest of the time it is as cold as an ice cube.

Again, it’s because he doesn’t care about you.

7. He doesn’t inspire you to outdo yourself

It does not bring out the best in you. It does just the opposite. It provokes you and brings out the demon in you.

Once you get to the breaking point, when you can no longer bear the situation, he leaves you because you are broken and no longer serves him for anything.

8. is dependent

He has no life outside of your relationship. It can be really exhausting and become unbearable after a while.

You don’t want a partner who turns dependence into control, depriving you of your freedom.

And on the other hand, if he loved you, he would give you some space and time alone when you need it.

9. He is not loyal

He does not want to engage with you and he is cheating on you. Perhaps you surprised him and he promised you not to start again but one day unfaithful, always unfaithful.

Love probably doesn’t mean much to him and he would choose fun a thousand times over loyalty. You don’t need that kind of man in your life.

10. He’s never there for you

He is never behind you, although you are always there for him. When you’re having trouble, you can never count on him.

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