10 Proven Ways To Make Him Addicted To You

There are millions of ways, tips to make him addicted to you, and most of them should have been abandoned in the 19th century they belong to!

Becoming another for a man to be addicted to you represents everything we have been fighting against for a very long time.

We have to accept them while changing for them?

The idea of ​​love is to find an imperfect person who suits us perfectly, so why on earth are we looking for perfection?

Someone who knows how to listen, who is behind us and who spoils us while being loyal – that is what a perfect man is. A man who never asks us to change because we are already perfect for him.

And when we find such a man, we are of course concerned to keep him. It is completely normal to seek advice and ways to keep it in our life; that’s why, we decided to write this article.

We offer ten proven ways to make him addicted to you, none of which is making him a sandwich or nodding politely while he talks.

I would have liked to be able to say that it is a joke but unfortunately, it is indeed one of the councils which I found on the Net. Because the net is dark and full of terrifying things.

1. Communicate with him

Communication is globally the keystone of any healthy relationship. Without communication, no honesty and no sharing of important parts of his life with the other.

And of course, no idea of ​​the state in which the other feels, because all your problems are managed individually, in your head and the same goes for him.

It is essential to communicate, to encourage him to speak to you. Thus, you will learn to trust yourself and become the best friend of the other, which is extremely important for a relationship to evolve.

When we know that our partner is there for us, that he will always be there to listen to your problems, share your silence and give you advice, life suddenly seems much less frightening.

So the first way to get him hooked is to become his friend.

2. Accept and support him

To be accepted and to be understood are primary human needs. There are certain things we all dream of, no matter how much we trust ourselves or how tough we are.

We just need someone who will know all of our faults and love us for them.

We just need someone who knows we are not superheroes but will still see us as if we were!

So accept it, just as you would like to be accepted.

Love him for his faults and extravagances, not in spite of them and keep in mind that no one is perfect. The only thing that matters is that you match.

Which brings us to the importance of support. Life is difficult, I mean extremely difficult.

One moment, we are fine and the one after the ground collapses under our feet and we have no idea what to do.

In such moments, it is important to know that there is someone behind us, that there is someone who is our number one fan.

And you have to be that for each other. Encourage him when he leaves his comfort zone and be there to comfort him when things do not go as planned.

If anything is to strengthen your relationship, it will be just that.

3. Live your life fully

Don’t be afraid to take some time for yourself. Having dreams to follow and things that you are passionate about is what makes you extraordinary.

He fell in love with you when you were a free electron, when you followed your heart and lived your life to the full.

Leaving everything just because you’re in a relationship has no interest.

Over time, he will feel guilty that you have given up on your dreams for him and will inevitably start to be unhappy because you will not be doing those things that you dreamed of doing so much.

Do not be afraid to have a life outside of your relationship, you will be surprised at the good that a little distance can do to your relationship.

4. Spice it up!

Spice it up in the bedroom, outside the bedroom and wherever you want!

The idea is to keep things exciting because a lot of couples get into the routine and start doing things automatically.

Imagine embracing the love of your life in autopilot mode … Because that’s what it ends up looking like!

You can suggest new positions under the duvet, surprise him with a few s**xtos or perhaps with a quickie in the morning, before going to work.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable doing all of this; spice up your life if you don’t feel like it completely has no interest.

He will feel it and it won’t be as exciting as it could have been. So go for the chili when you are ready and feel that the time is right.

5. Don’t be afraid to be emotional

Accumulating feelings is never a good thing, especially if you keep everything inside.

They need to be expressed no matter what, otherwise you will drown in them and fall apart.

But luckily, you have someone to talk to, someone who will be happy to help, whatever is bothering you.

Show him that you trust him and that you appreciate his help. Even if it is not as good advice as your friends, it still has a shoulder on which you can pour out and ears to listen to you.

You will be honored and relieved to have decided to let him see your vulnerability.

And don’t be afraid to show him the extent of your love and the extent to which you love it to be part of your life.

Men need to know that their efforts have not been in vain and you are the only one capable of proving this to him so, do not keep everything to yourself when it comes to something that makes you lose your footing.

6. Trust yourself

Self-confidence is what makes a man crazy about you and the same goes for your man.

Don’t be afraid to show off high heels and other little dresses if that’s how you feel.

Try new things, go on weekends to a SPA or go to wine tastings with friends.

Do whatever it takes to get your self-confidence to heights and believe me, it will get you hooked in no time.

The thing is, men instantly feel better when they can “show off” their partner.

You’re not as perfect as these magazine models, so what? They are photoshoped anyway!

Adopt your own perfection and embrace it. After all, nothing is more attractive than a self-confident and loving woman.

7. Keep the adventure alive

Here is my favorite. Make a list of everything you want to try as well as everything your partner wants to try, I’m sure he mentioned a few things.

Once the list is made, start making plans. You can even make a list of things to do before you die but also before the end of the current year!

Keep the adventure alive, inject adrenaline into your lives, for example by skydiving or bungee jumping.

You can even go hiking or go to an amusement park if it’s something you haven’t done in a long time.

The important thing is that you have to do these things together and they have to make you happy.

Embrace the child in you and do all the things you dreamed of.

Even if it’s crazy, even if it’s driving a fire truck … As long as you both enjoy it and create memories, you do well!

8. Make him a part of your life – not your whole life

When you are in the honeymoon phase, you are never satisfied with each other and this is normal.

But once the honeymoon phase is over, being together constantly and making it your whole life is not normal. Make it a part of your life, not your whole life.

Continue to pursue your dreams, follow your passions and ask him to come with you, let him accompany you along the way.

You are best friends, lovers and soul mates. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world just ceases to exist just because you fell in love.

Live your life to the full and enjoy it both with him and with your friends or family.

But make the most of it for yourself, because lonely moments are extremely important for your happiness and well-being.

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