8 Phrases Your Girl Would Definitely Love to Hear More

To most women, constant verbal communication is a key ingredient to a happy relationship. As you may already know, women love to talk. They want to talk when they’re happy. They want to talk when they’re upset. They want to talk to you in order to feel closer to you. This is their way of getting to know you better and showing you a part of themselves.

Of course, she wouldn’t want to be the only one to do all the talking. She will also want you to be part of the conversation. After all, there’s no point in talking to someone who only replies with grunts and nods. With that said, there may be times when you want to express how you feel about her, but you don’t really have the right words for the occasion. That’s where this article will come in handy.

Things guys should be telling their girlfriends more often

Whenever you find yourself tongue-tied and unable to come up with anything to say during certain occasions, here are some phrases that will definitely come in handy for you.

#1 You make me happy. Every woman wants to know that she makes her lover happy. The popular belief is that all women tend to need attention, affection and most of your time, but sometimes that makes women feel as if they nag you too much. This then makes most women think they do not make their lover happy. That is why it is so important to let your girl know she makes you happy.

Women are caring and loving by nature. Also, women tend to go above and beyond for the people in their life, especially their lover. No matter the issues or how much she nags you for attention, make sure you let her know that she makes you happy and brings happiness to your life. This statement alone can put a smile on your girl’s face.

#2 I believe in you and your dreams. Your girl needs your support and to know that you are always cheering her on to pursue her dreams. Not only is it important to show her that she has your support, but you should let her know that you wholeheartedly believe in her and her dreams. Chasing dreams is a full-time gig when you are an adult, and encouragement from the one you love can go a long way.

Sometimes, your girl just needs to know that you are backing her up no matter how small or big her dreams are. Listening to her talk about her dreams is also a way to show her that you believe in her. When she faces success and inevitable failures, make sure she knows your belief in her pursuits is unwavering.

#3 I only have eyes for you. Every woman in the world wants to hear the words “I only have eyes for you.” No, it is not about being jealous or insecure. It is important that your girl feels reassured that she is the apple of your eye. It may sound silly, but it ensures that your lady feels like she has a secure spot in your heart.

This phrase also says to your girl that she is the only one on your mind, and you are happy with what you share with her. No one wants to wonder whether or not their lover is out playing around. That is why it is so important to let your girl know that no matter where you are, you are always considering her. Plus, your girl loves to know she has your undivided attention.

#4 I appreciate all that you do for me. Appreciation should be one of the love languages, because everyone loves to feel appreciated. This does not mean you need to sing your girl praises every day, but just let her know that you appreciate the little things she does for you. Thus, this leads to her continuously wanting to do things for you and to help you in a time of need.

Appreciation matters, because no one wants their kindness and consideration to go unnoticed. Say she cooks dinner every day, just so you can have a warm meal when you get home from work. Let her know that you appreciate her thoughtfulness. Of course, appreciation should always be reciprocated. However, it is not about who does what the most for the other or keeping “score,” so to speak. It is about letting your girl know that her selflessness means a lot to you.

#5 You mean so much to me and I cannot stand to lose you. These are 13 magical words that your girl needs to hear. She needs to know that you are in it for the long haul. It makes her feel a sense of security, knowing that you are afraid to lose her. This phrase reminds her that you care about her and will do whatever it takes to keep her around. Your girl loves to be reminded that you cannot really see yourself without her, and her presence in your life truly makes a difference.

#6 I feel lucky to have you in my life. Expressing how thankful you are to have your girl in your life lets her know that she is truly special to you. It is such a passionate phrase that will simply woo your lady. Saying this to her is the equivalent to saying that it is by a profound stroke of luck that the universe decided to place her in your life. Your girl needs to be reminded often that you still feel lucky to have her.

You and your girl will face many ups and downs. She needs to be reminded that even through the bad times, you still feel lucky to have her and that she still has a place in your heart. This phrase also insinuates that she adds to your life in a meaningful way. It is a positive affirmation that can fill her up with joy when you let her know you feel lucky to have her.

#7 No matter what, I will always be there for you. This lets her know that no matter what happens between you two, you will always be there for her. Your girl needs to know that you have her back, no matter the circumstance. That way, she knows that she can depend on you and will feel secure in asking for your help. She will feel assured that you would not judge her, and she can openly express herself to you in a time of need. Your girl definitely likes it when you are protective of her and that you value her needs.

#8 You deserve the world. This phrase expresses the genuine notion that she is worthy of a life filled with an abundance of good things. This coincides with the phrase “you make me happy,” because, since she brings so much happiness to your life, you feel she deserves all of the good in the world. It is always an act of love to let your girl know her worth is immense, and that she means so much to you. Although, you cannot buy her the world literally, saying that she deserves the world is enough to make her heart flutter.




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