20 Tips on How to Treat Your Girlfriend Like a Queen

Treating girlfriend like a queen is a must for every boyfriend. Giving her the royal treatment after getting the long-awaited “Yes” from her is a guarantee that your relationship will last long. We all know that no one is perfect, and boyfriends have lapses too. But as a good partner, you should always double the effort and let her feel like she’s a royalty. Now, if you are wondering if you treat your girl this way or not, don’t worry we got your back. Here are 20 tips on how to treat your girlfriend like a queen:


1. Pamper her.
Pampering your girl is a way of telling her that you always care for her. It doesn’t have to be cheap or expensive, as long as you make an effort to make her happy. You could give her a massage especially if she had a tiring day or if she’s on her monthly period, give her anything she likes to eat. Always remember it’s the effort that counts.

2. Communicate with her.
One thing that is needed in a relationship is communication. Be sure to establish a good communication with your girlfriend. If something is bothering her, let her express it and understand her afterwards. In this way, she we’ll be able to feel that you are always have an ear to listen to her worries and other stuff that’s on her mind.

3. Defend her.
There will be circumstances that some people will be against her. Be her knight in shining armor. Defend her from them and stand up for your girl. Always protect her from others who are trying to let her down. Be there to be her shield no matter what happens.

4. Be a gentleman.
They say chivalry is dead, but to some girls they still want their significant others to treat them like a queen. Opening the door for her or just by being polite when you speak to her is never too old and trust me, she’ll find it romantic. Being a gentleman is a plus. Doing this to your girl will let her feel that you are really a good man most especially when you are with the people close to her.

5. Give her unexpected gifts.
Giving her little surprises will make her heart flutter. It doesn’t have to be grand as long as it will show her that she’s always on your mind. You could give her a bar of her favorite chocolate with a note attached saying you are reminded by her whenever you see this stuff or you could give her favorite flower on a random day just to let her know that she is as beautiful as it.

6. Cook for her.
You could express your appreciation towards your girl by cooking food for her, especially her favorite one. Most girls really love it when they are spoiled with their fave food. This is also to show that you love her and you are willing to do a lot for her.

7. Know her likes and dislikes.
Every girl is different, in comparison to what most men say that they are all the same. Some girls don’t actually like flowers, or sweet stuff. Since she is your queen, you should be able to distinguish what are her likes and dislikes. It will be easier for you to do the things that will please her.

8. Notice every detail about her.
Every single detail to your girl is very important. If you want to treat her as a queen, pay attention to the little things she have or she do and nothing should be left out. It could be her new nail polish color, or just how her laugh sounds like.

9. Always compliment her.
Nothing would make your girl feel that she is your queen but by complimenting her always. Tell her that she is always beautiful even if she is in her worst state. Through this, it will give her confidence with herself and your relationship.


10. Respect her opinions.
There are times that the two of you have different point of views onto something. Always respect her opinions. Giving her the freedom to think differently on many things is also respecting your differences as individuals.


11. Always make her a priority.
Always make her your top priority. Put her needs before yours. If you want to treat your girl like a queen, be her servant first. In this way, she will be honored every single day and eventually she will reciprocate the respect to you.

12. Don’t let her get jealous with other girls.
Don’t let her feel insecure with herself and envy other girls. When you talk with others, make sure she won’t have a reason to feel jealous. What you don’t understand with her is that when she gets jealous, it’s not just about over reacting because deep down she will think that someone is better than her and it could lower her self-esteem. Constantly remind your girl that she is your only one and that no one could be compared to her.


13. Be understanding.
Learn to understand what she feels. It is true that women tend to be complicated, but sometimes, they just want more understanding of what they think and how they feel.

14. Give her space if she wants.
Give your girl a space if she tells you to do so. Let her enjoy her life outside your relationship. This will also help build a good foundation in your relationship since her, your queen, will grow and develop as an individual.

15. Care for her.
Remind her that you always care for her. Be there whenever she needs you especially if she is having a tough time. A shoulder to cry on is the best thing that you could give to her.


16. Always be in touch with her.
Don’t ever forget to keep in touch with her especially when you’re apart from each other. Let her know what you’re up to. This will make her feel secure and that her feelings matters a lot to you.

17. Always trust her.
One thing a relationship needs is trust. You should always trust her, may it be her decisions in life or the things she does. It will also build a connection between the two of you, thus, making your feelings for each other grow.

18. Be loyal to her.
As a servant to your queen, you should give your loyalty to her. Don’t ever hurt her with any form of disloyalty, thus, cheating is a big NO. Reassure her that you will always be right by her side even in the toughest times.

19. Always remember important dates.
For girls, special dates are really important and you should never forget about it. Birthday, monthsary and anniversary are just some of the dates that you should always keep in your mind. These really means a lot them because it has special memories and should always be remembered.

20. Never take her for granted.
If you want to treat your girl like a queen, you should never ever take her for granted. Always be grateful to all the things she has done to you even for just a simple gesture. Appreciate her efforts towards you. Give her compliments whenever you got the chance.

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