10 mistakes not to make on your first date

To not spoil all the pleasure of a good meeting, take into account these false maneuvers not to do

That’s it! You finally landed a date. You ensured in the first phase of the seduction, you might as well continue on this path. Once again, make this moment your moment of glory by tilting from this first date. If it is difficult for you to figure out how to do this, it may be better to focus on what not to do. Also, this list of blunders will be of great use to you. Follow the guide!

1.Everything must be planned

From the start, you will have to organize yourself, long before she even asks you the famous question “Where are we going?”. Certainly, as a self-respecting gentleman, you should know that women dress accordingly, right? But yes! They won’t waddle up in jeans and sneakers for a romantic evening or in a stiletto heel and tight dress for the beach. You have to plan a back-up plan so as not to get caught up in the “closed on Wednesdays”

2.The illustrious place of the meeting

She left it up to you to choose the restaurant. Avoid fast food outlets where food is plentiful. Sure, everything is good in the pig, but you won’t be there to eat. If you want to impress him, do not opt ​​for an overly chic restaurant where the number of spoons and glasses for your own place setting will not help you on the single plate of salad, the only dish you will be able to pay. Pick a small, quiet, appropriate place where you can really focus on the dialogue.

3.Arrive late

Women love to be desired by making us hang around, but when it comes to waiting for us, a few minutes seem like an eternity to them. On the other hand, quite simply for our ego, we can impose 5 minutes of suspense on them by playing the game of will come or not come, why not! However, You would need a good excuse.

4.The killer look

Want to play it classy? So much the better, but is it really necessary to put yourself in the clothes you put on when you witnessed your best friend’s wedding? Bow tie and matching pouch? Still not! Conversely, sportswear, shorts, or sandals should not also be taken for casual outfits. Go for a look that is both classy and cool.

5.Bip! Beep! Phone!

A call followed by another, a little message here and there, so Monsieur wants to show the lady that he is invited from everywhere. But will it impress him so far? All she will remember is that you have the art of screwing up a most promising tête-à-tête. As soon as you join her, close your phone in front of her eyes, show that you log out of everything, just for her, and see how wide her eyes will be, oh yeah!

6.She is beautiful the waitress

Yes, she is, and this bimbo throws it even more by letting go in her comings and goings between the tables! But stop staring at her! Let’s be clear, the waitress is typically commercial, while the one in front of you is purely sentimental. Maybe you have a ticket for the waitress, but save her for one of these four if Monsieur is a real predator. For now, focus all of your attention on your current prey.

7.Me and my conquests

Want to proudly display your hunting board? Do it at the local bistro with your friends, but not now. There is also no need to play depressed by making a big deal about your failures in love, you might as well stay at home crying in front of the mirror. Who would like to bring up these topics on the first date?

8. Be as natural as possible

Have you watched a classic romantic movie to get some ideas? Very good, but it won’t do you any good or just put a lot more pressure on you to the point of becoming too pathetic. Be yourself by keeping your own style and your own personality, otherwise, beware of role-playing. On the other hand, if you were a true schizophrenic, everything is understandable!

9. Uncover all the mysteries at once

One thing leading to another, you get into the conversation so much that you can’t stop talking about yourself, just yourself. From your lactose intolerance, from your so-called first intimate experiences with apple pie, but stop! You will end up worrying not only her but the entire restaurant staff! Keep a bit of a secret, it’s give and take. Also, learn to respect your speaking time.

10. Too much enthusiasm kills

Everything seems to be going wonderfully, from the timing of the good meals to the well-placed humor, this woman is perfectly made for you, she is your soul mate. Here you are suddenly throwing nice speeches letting claim a “do you want to marry me” or a “do you want to be the mother of my children” just on this very first date! Brake and engage in reverse gear! Don’t get too carried away. It’s those kinds of talk that make it sound like you’re a truly hopeless case. The best would be to find a way to get him to have a second date.

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