15 Subtle Signs You’re Secretly Addicted to Love

Red roses, hearts, and all things lovey-dovey; that’s what’s on your mind most of the time. Well, if you’re addicted to love that is. The truth is there are more of us addicted to love than we realize.

While it can be cute and innocent when you’re younger, if the addiction carries into adulthood, it can often pose a problem in your relationships. Expectations get way too high and you’re left feeling disappointed and like you’re the only one who cares.

You’re addicted to love and don’t know it!

I was addicted to love. All the signs were there and I dated people consecutively, never leaving time to adjust and heal between relationships. It might seem like a harmless addiction. But an addiction is an addiction, and you have to overcome it.

#1 Valentine’s Day is your favorite holiday. This is an obvious one. If your favorite holiday is the one where love is celebrated, you’re addicted—especially since for you, this holiday beats Christmas and your birthday! Yes, your birthday is a holiday.

Valentine’s Day can mean a lot to some people, but if you’re counting down the days until you can celebrate it, you may want to consider admitting you’re addicted to love.

#2 You always have to know about everyone’s relationships. If your nose is constantly in other couples’ business, you might have a problem. Sure, you want to know about your friends’ relationships from time to time, but if you’re wanting extreme details, it’s time to consider you have an addiction.

#3 Your top five favorite movies are passion. I’ll admit, I’ve got a couple of passionate movies in my top five favorites, but all your favorite movies should not be passion. Your addiction to love makes you crave the stories encased in those films—the love stories.

#4 You have a Pinterest board dedicated to love. A “Love” or “Marriage” board on Pinterest is a smaller sign you’re addicted to love, but a sign nonetheless. It’s a bigger indicator of a problem if those boards are completely FILLED with stuff.

When you’re constantly pinning new love quotes, pictures, and ideas so much that your other boards never get any attention, you may have an addiction to love.

#5 Your favorite emojis are the heart and the heart eyes. It’s fine to use these on occasion, but if they’re your favorite and you use them in almost everything you send, tweet, or post, it could be a sign you’re secretly addicted to love.

This also means you’re spending an awful lot of time discussing things that have to do with hearts and heart eyes. AKA: love.

#6 You’re always in a relationship. People who are addicted to love, LOVE it, obviously. So that being said, people with this problem are almost always in a relationship. They also move from relationship to relationship without any time off.

#7 You’re always the first to say “I love you.” If you’re addicted to love, then you love easily. Which means you’re usually the first person to say “I love you” in a new relationship. You’re the type of person who has said those words to all of your past partners as well. If that sounds like you, you’re probably secretly addicted to love.

#8 You have all the dating apps. Tinder, Match, OkCupid, Hinge, PlentyOfFish, and the like. If you have multiple dating apps on your phone and are a frequent user, you could be addicted to love. Searching for love on such a broad spectrum is a definite sign.

#9 You find a way to turn any conversation into one about love. Or your lover. If you’re constantly bringing up love, dating, relationships, and even your own significant other, you could have a love addiction. Always having to keep the conversation aimed on love is a sure indicator you’ve got a problem.

#10 The thought of not finding love sends you into panic mode. Do you have a legitimate fear of ending up alone and loveless? Some people out there have a panic response when thinking about this and those people usually are addicted to love. The thought of not having love in your life throws you into a mess. That’s a sure sign you’re secretly addicted to love.

#11 You rely on love for your happiness. When your primary source of happiness is linked directly to love, you could be addicted. If you truly feel you can’t be fully happy without having someone to love or love you in your life, then you could have a real love addiction.

#12 You tend to be needy in your relationships. Love addicts are the needy ones in the relationship. You need to feel loved more than people without an addiction. This makes you the one who always initiates conversation, gets upset when you haven’t heard from your significant other, and the one who sometimes annoys your partner with all your affection.

#13 You are the most affectionate in the relationship. If you’re the person initiating s*x, cuddling, and always sporting some sort of PDA whenever you go out, it’s safe to say you might be addicted to love. This goes along with being the needy one. You need to give them as much love as you can.

#14 All your friends tell you you’re obsessed with love. I know this one firsthand; although, I didn’t listen to them at the time. Your friends notice the behavior a lot more than you do. If your friends are always telling you you’re a little obsessed with love, you probably are.

#15 Deep down, you know you are. On some level, addicts always know they really have a problem—even if they don’t admit it. If you’re reading this feature, you probably have a feeling you might like love more than you should.



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