14 Signs Your Partner is Truly in Love with You

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Every individual expresses love differently and while some are good with words, there are just others who don’t have the ability to fully and effectively say what they feel especially when it matters the most.  Such failure to convey emotions can often be a problem especially in romantic relationships. In fact, it creates doubt and uncertainty that can often weaken the bond between two people in love.

If you’re one of those who are starting to feel uncertain or unsure about whether their partner still loves you or not, this is for you. This article will explore the different expressions of love and the complicated language in which it is spoken.

These are the signs that your partner is truly in love with you:

1. Their sweetness is spontaneous and unpredictable.
They don’t need anniversaries or any special occasions just to show how much they love and adore you.  Even on ordinary days, they’re just the sweetest and the most thoughtful partner and you feel so lucky to have met someone who would go an extra mile just to make you smile.

2. They just can’t stop bringing and buying you those cute (but useless) stuff.
No matter how expensive (or cheap) and impractical those things are, as long as they know that you’ll be the happiest person in the world even just for a day, they’ll buy it for you.

They don’t even have to agree that they’re cute or interesting – they just know it’s a perfect gift and it will make you happy.

3. They remember important dates and details.
No matter how forgetful they are, they’ll make sure to write down or set up reminders just to make sure that they won’t miss the most important dates and details in your life: birthdays, anniversary, the first day you met, your first movie together, that enchanting restaurant where you celebrated your birthday, etc.

4. They ask too many “Are you okay?” and “Is this okay?” all the time.
And they will never force you into doing something uncomfortable. If someone does otherwise, then you’ll know that you’re with the wrong person.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean giving up your right to make your own decisions; being in a commitment doesn’t mean giving someone the power to control your life.

5. Forget peer pressure, they’ll never give in to risky “invitations”.
Even if it means letting their friends down, they will never give in to temptations.

They will not do something that could ruin your relationship. Many couples don’t make it just because of that one stupid and often careless choice of choosing the most selfish and often temporary pleasures.

6. They make you feel beautiful inside and out.
The people who truly love you will see and appreciate you for who you are. With them, you feel as if you’re the most beautiful person in the world and that your existence matters.

They will love everything about you and they will see your imperfections as a precious uniqueness –  one of the sweetest reasons why they chose you.

7. They’ll never find you boring.
It’s okay if you’re not always amazing and you don’t have to achieve the extraordinary feats all the time. Expect that in everything that you find boring and average about you, they’ll find something interesting and fascinating.

8. They’re your number one fan – and they’ll show it every day.
They’ll be the first in line to ask for your autograph – the cheerleader who will never stop encouraging you to do your best, win or lose, success or failure. They’ll be there every step of the way.

9. Jealousy isn’t in their vocabulary.
Because aside from their overflowing love for you, they trust and respect you enough to keep the promise you both made to each other. Here’s the truth that you should always believe in: there is no room for envy and jealousy in true love.

10. They will get angry at you but they will never stop caring.
There are times when anger is our first and only response to an unresolved argument with our significant other. However, it doesn’t mean that succumbing to this relatively negative emotion means letting go of the love you have for them.

You know you’re genuinely loved when no matter how angry or disappointed they get, they will never stop caring: they will still make sure you didn’t miss your meal; they will still remind you to take your vitamins; they won’t let you go to bed sad and alone.


11. They will never let you feel alone – even if they’re miles away.
Someone who truly loves you will never make you feel that you have no one to turn to especially when you need love the most. Even if they’re miles away, they will do everything they can just to remind you that someone’s there to cheer you up and give you a hug – even if it’s just a virtual one.

12. They understand that you can’t be at your best all the time.
It’s okay if you’re not the most perfect person– and that sometimes you’re not the most pleasing company to be with, especially if you’re not in the mood.

Find someone who can tolerate your worst and your most annoying attitude. Someone who can be patient through all your tantrums and your most undesirable dispositions.

13. They let you have the best of everything.
They treat you like you’re a queen – someone who deserves all the good things that life has to offer.

If they know that something can make your day, they’ll give it to you. If they found out how this particular place can put the widest smile on your face, they’ll do everything to bring you there.


14. They will always choose you and your relationship.
No matter what happens and how many times you fight, at the end of the day, they will always come home to you; they will always choose you, all the time.

Love comes in many forms. This is why you can’t always rely on verbal and written proof. Instead, try to focus more on nonverbal and often unspoken gestures to find the answers.

Just like what was said earlier, everyone has a different and unique way of conveying their love and care towards their significant other. The problem starts when you begin imposing your own definition of what ‘loving’ and ‘caring’ should be and how your partner should express them.

What’s really important is to recognize when love is there and to fully appreciate it even in its most unrecognizable form.

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