10 Inspiring Ways to be a Better Friend

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There is nothing on this earth to be prized than true friendship” –Thomas Aquinas

Friendships are the most valuable relationship that is not given to you but is for you to find yourself and it’s the time we spent with friends that makes every moment more precious on earth.

They are the family we choose for ourselves, the people who will accept us and stay with us. How we will treasure them and the moments we share with them is up to us.

Through these simple but thoughtful gestures, let them know how happy you are that in this journey of uncertainty you have found true friendship in them.

1. Make time for your friends.
The quotation that says ‘Distance makes your heart grow fonder’ doesn’t apply to all of your friends. Some may stay through the test of time but others may fade away. It could be a call, a message, or a get-together. Make an effort to reach out to them, they will surely appreciate it.

2. Always be there for them.
Through thick and thin, always be there for your friends. Be there when they want to celebrate the joy of life. Be there when they hate the world and want someone to tell them everything’s gonna be okay (you can hug them also). Your presence will brighten up everything.

3. Defend your friends when they’re not around.
Some people just can’t help but gossip about other people and we can’t prevent it from happening but we can (surely) stop them. Let them know you won’t stand for it if they talk behind your friends’ backs. When your friends hear about it, they will want to shower you with kisses and hugs (so just ready your hand shield in case it gets too much).

4. Give thanks.
People want to hear compliments about themselves (especially from the people they love) and your friends are no exception. Sometimes, we need to let them know you appreciate them through words, so thank them for being such a good friend and for keeping you in their lives.

5. Say sorry when you need to.
Don’t let your friends down. A friend may forgive you even without you apologizing but that doesn’t mean you are excused, you should still do it. Saying sorry and admitting your mistakes will bring your friend back to you. This will also make you grow and make your friendship stronger.

6. Grant them a favor.
If your friend asks you for a favor, as long as it is something good, say yes. Ignoring them will make them sad. It will make them feel like you don’t have time for them. Go for it. Make an effort to help them. Better if you take the initiative to help even if they don’t ask for it.

7. Presents are always a plus.
Show them how much you love them, may it be a hand-written letter, a bouquet of flowers, the book she loved reading at the bookstore, your favorite dress she wants to wear too, a ticket to the movie you have talked about or just anything that you know your friends will love to receive from you.

8. Become a shoulder to cry on.
There will be times when the world will let us down. It will seem like the world has abandoned us and will make your friends cry. Be there when the time comes your friends will need you the most. Just sitting beside your friends will make them realize there are people who love them and will lift them up when they are down.


9. Don’t lie to them.
Lying may destroy your friendship especially if they already know the truth. Your friends might also not believe you again if you keep on lying. Be truthful to them and if you don’t want to talk about it (or if it’s something you want to keep for now) say that you can’t. They will understand.

10. Become a positive person to your friends.
Your friends will want to spend more time with you when you make them feel good. Having a positive outlook in life is something your friends will want to have too. So, keep yourself happy and them too.

The greatest gift you could ever give to yourself is finding the right people to stay in your life and that includes your friends.

Your friends are the jewels you ‘accidentally’ found in the middle of nowhere, so treasure them well.

Always find ways to be a better friend.

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