10 Signs Your Girlfriend is Cheating on You and What to Do About It

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It is not only the guys who are tempted to cheat. Girls may do it too. That is why, if you are strongly suspecting that your girlfriend is doing something behind your back, then do something to find out the truth. Do something to confirm or disprove it. You deserve to have peace of mind in your relationship, and without trust, it will not work out.

Here are ten signs that your girlfriend might be cheating on you.

1. She unusually makes effort to look beautiful.
It is normal for girls to want to look pretty. However, they exert more effort to be beautiful when they are inspired by someone. So, if it is unusual for your girlfriend to make herself attractive even for your dates, and suddenly she cannot come out of the house without makeup, then you have to ask yourself what or who inspires her now—but do not judge her yet. Who knows she has only decided to improve herself—but this is one sign, right?

2. She gets unusually busy with her phone.
If you notice that your girlfriend spends more time with her phone now than ever, then you have to ask why and who she interacts with. Who keeps her on the line even when you are together? Does she always keep her phone with her? Does she get mad when you try to touch it? If it is unusual for her to be hooked to her phone, then something must be going on.

3. She does not give you her passwords.
Privacy is sacred, and partners should respect each other’s right to it. However, you could use this to challenge the faithfulness of your girlfriend. You can try to ask for her passwords to her phone and social media accounts. It would be a normal reaction for her to get upset, but if she wants to erase your doubts and she is not hiding anything, then she would give them to you.

4. She oddly hangs out with her friends more often.
If these past days she has less time for you, because she always has a get-together with her friends—those you have never met—then you have to check on this. It is possible she is only using it as an excuse to meet someone else. Or she could only be using their meet-ups as an alibi.


5. She has become short-tempered with you.
When girls have found someone new and they want their present boyfriend out of their life—but do not know how to do it—they could resort to fault-finding as a defense mechanism. They become impatient and find every excuse to get mad at their boyfriend. So, if you have noticed lately that she easily gets mad with you, then it could be this. Before judging her though, just make sure it is not because of her monthly visitor, pressure from work, or your fault.

6. She does not post about you on her social media accounts anymore.
It is normal for girls to be expressive on social media, but not all girls are like this, so this sign would not apply if from the start she never posts about her love life. However, if during your first few months of being in a relationship she was so proud on Facebook and Instagram about having you as her boyfriend, then a change on this could be alarming. If she does not post sweet statuses or photos of you together anymore, it could mean she had a change of heart—or she is hiding you from someone.

7. She does not get jealous anymore.
Girls are naturally jealous. They want your full attention, and they do not like it when you treat other girls sweetly. Now, you could try being too friendly to other girls in front of her. Or you could try talking about the girls she used to get jealous of before. If she seems to not care about it, then maybe she is not too afraid to lose you anymore.

8. She always finds an excuse not to see you.
You know your girlfriend. You would know it if she is genuinely busy or is only trying to avoid you. If every time you want to take her out she has always something to do, then you can try visiting her house. If you suggest this and she tells you she is out, then something is really wrong with your relationship. No matter how busy a person is, if she really loves you, she could not stand not to be with you for a long time.

9. She does not demand your time and attention any more.
Girls are clingy and demanding—sometimes to the point of being annoying. Nevertheless, this is an indication that she is in love with you. Therefore, if she stops demanding your time and attention, then you have something to be worried about. Either she is not in love anymore or there is someone else whose attention and time are more important to her already.

10. She asks for space.
If your girlfriend asks to cool off and you cannot think of any problem big enough to shake your relationship, then she is not telling you something. She probably has a personal problem that really requires space and peace of mind. However, if after a sincere talk her reason does not seem to be enough for a cool-off, then your hunch could be right.


Talk things over
Before jumping to conclusions quickly, you have to understand that girls are naturally emotional and impulsive. Some of these signs might be present, but they should not be enough to lose your trust. Without trust, there is no point in fighting for her. Who knows? She could just be confused right now.

The best way to confront the issue is by talking to her in a calm and sincere manner. It is by assuring her that you can accept the truth and that being honest would be better for everyone that she could try to open up. Tell her that the truth will set both of you free. Yes, this is easier said than done. However, there is no better way to deal with this. Being hysterical would frighten her, and the more she would be defensive.

If you have confirmed your girlfriend’s infidelity, you have the option not to give up on your relationship immediately. If you know she is only confused and she still loves you, then you can fight for her. If you take this course, make sure to treat her better. Also, still accepting her despite what she has done could make her realize your value in her life.

If at the end she does not stop cheating, and she still takes you for granted, then be wise enough to let go. One second chance is enough. You deserve someone better.

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