12 men give the real reason they didn’t love their partner anymore

12 men say why they stopped loving their partner

1. “Our private life is dead, and love is gone with it. Intimate relationships are so important in a relationship. When we stopped having it, it all ended. “-Thomas, 35 years old

2. “She cared too much about her career and not enough about our relationship. I understand that a relationship doesn’t have to be your whole life, but balance is essential, and she has failed to strike a balance between her job and me. “-Maxime, 27 years old

3. “I screwed everything up and I was unfaithful, she told me she could forgive me, and she gave me a second chance, but it wasn’t because she stayed with me that she trusted me completely thereafter. It was her lack of confidence that made me lose my love for her. “-Alexis, 26

4. “We only stayed together because we had been together for a very long time. Once we were able to come to terms with the fact that the past 7 years were not what we thought we were able to come to terms with that we were no longer in love. -Jonathan, 29 years old

5. “We didn’t have that bond anymore that we had when we first started dating, and I think we put too much effort into trying to revive it. You cannot force a connection that has already been lost. “-David, 42 years old

6. “I think I just realized she wasn’t the right fit for me. I was not the right person for her. »-Pierre, 26 years old

7. “Distance kills any love, don’t believe someone who tells you otherwise. I had to move 300 km from my girlfriend. We thought it would work, but obviously it didn’t. Skype is not a substitute for a presence, especially when it comes to intimate relationships. I don’t know for whom it was more difficult, her or me. ” -Matthieu, 27 years old

8. “She lost a job she loved, and when she found another, she was clearly unhappy. I couldn’t be her only source of happiness, that wasn’t enough. “-Boris, 37 years old

9. “I have to travel a lot for my job. We lived together in 12 different countries, and during that time she was just the one going where my job took me. 

She stayed with me every move, which I was extremely grateful for, but I got to the point where I wanted to know what she wanted for herself, rather than just following me with my work, and she didn’t. did not.

I think that’s when I wasn’t in love anymore, when I became her only world, and she didn’t have one. »- Jérémy, 51 years old

10. “We moved to a new city together, I changed, she didn’t. We should change together, the change should not be one-sided when it comes to love. “-Louis, 27 years old

11. “We both went to different universities and we grew up separately. The love of high school is overrated. You don’t know what love is when you’re 17. »-Karim, 25 years old

12. “Our relationship has become boring. It wasn’t her that bothered me, it was everything else. We stopped trying new things together, we stopped challenging each other, so we wanted to have new experiences without each other, new experiences with new people. “-Alexandre, 28 years old

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