You can love someone even if your story isn’t meant to last forever

There are many theories to try to understand the reason behind the human epidemic which I call the ” I want what I can’t have ” syndrome.

For me, it was never about the thrill of the hunt.

I’m not the type to run after people, so that really didn’t interest me. No, for me it was more about history. I think all efforts deserve to be made for history.

Sometimes people come into our lives and they are so amazing they totally capsize our hearts, but for some reason, they are not made for us. They are simply our present, but not our future.

I’ve always known when things weren’t going to last, but my heart makes no sense when it chooses to love someone. No reason. Its only function is to love. My heart has always convinced my mind to stay, to love him no matter what, to enjoy his company, and to see the story through.

There is something romantic about knowing it has to end.

It’s like finding out that you only have one year to live. If someone told me that I only had one year to live, I wouldn’t want to end it now. I would like to live my life to the fullest. Enjoying every day of my time on earth until my last breath.

Knowing that I wouldn’t be with someone forever only intensified my need to be with the person, not forever, but in the moment. I wanted to kiss her and touch her and find out. Love him fiercely.

I used to think the engagement lasted forever, but it didn’t at all. Nothing in life is guaranteed. No one can promise you forever even if they want to. In a way, an ending gave me more security.

Maybe they’re not here for the long haul. “Forever” has no place in a constantly changing world.

I learned that there is more strength to let go, than to hold back. I learned to stop trying to hold people back. To love without wanting to own, because I didn’t need anyone.

I learned that the end of a relationship was not the end of my world.

I know you think I may not have met the “real” love yet, but I did have a love that I thought was the right one. . I thought we would be together forever, and when it ended it almost destroyed me.

After a while, I let go and realized that it wasn’t killing me and that my heart wasn’t bitter and cold. Where there is potential for love, the heart continues to move forward. He will love whoever he wants even if I don’t want him, even if there will be an end. He will continue to love after that too. This testifies that we are able to give a lot of love.

So when I met someone, even though I knew I couldn’t have them forever, I enjoyed every moment we spent together. I loved it for the moments we shared and the joy it brought me and I had wonderful memories of it.

Maybe it’s not this idea of ​​love that I had before, this notion of happiness forever. But it’s as beautiful as a story.

Of course, the breakup hurts, I hate to see it end, but just because a story has to end doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the journey.

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