12 Little Things that Make Girls Feel Giddy

Girls are actually simple. The things or gestures that every guy does, be it little or big will make their hearts melt like they’ve been set on fire. But! Yes there is a “but”. You won’t know if they like it or not because you will not hear a compliment or a single word from them. They will have to deal with “what if’s”. Hesitations, second thoughts and fear will be their enemy. They’ll feel it, if you’re genuine or not. You can’t trick them but you can be sincere. Make them feel wanted and special instead. Know what make girls feel giddy by reading this inspiring article.

1. Be chivalrous
Show her chivalry is not yet dead. Hold the door open for her or pull a seat out for her. Learn to treat her like your queen. She’ll definitely love your courteous side.

2. Little messages and sweet talks
Simple text messages or unexpected calls could make her smile knowing that you are taking a time out of your day to think about her.

3. Get along with her friends and family
To a girl, family and friends mean everything. They know every single detail of her life, she listens and take their opinions seriously. So make an effort to be closer to her family and she’ll be delighted to see your sincerity.

4. Be true to her
Only by being truly honest you can show how you deeply care for her. Women highly appreciate honest men, it’s a rare quality that they find attractive. Be yourself when you’re with her.

5. Compliment her
Compliments can be extra effective when it comes from the heart but don’t just tell her she’s beautiful, make her feel beautiful. Don’t just state the obvious. It’s not about what you say to her, it’s about how you treat her.

6. Make something for her
Write her a poem or a song, draw her a picture or a card, cook her a special dinner, and give her flower you just picked anywhere or whatever it is. It doesn’t have to cost a thing as long as it shows effort and deep affection, she’ll feel butterflies.


7. Make her feel secure
By caring and protecting her physically and emotionally shows how you value her and it makes her trust you more.

8. Little gestures
Take her into your arms when she’s afraid, kiss her forehead or her hand, walk with her hand on hand, brush her hair away from her face and even back hugs could be something for her. There is no girl in the world who wouldn’t fall for someone who is willing to shower her with overwhelming amounts of love and undivided attention.

(Note: If you are not yet in a relationship be careful with your actions. Some gestures may not apply to all girls. Know your limits.)

9. Cheesy lines
It may sound pathetic but the cheesiness would make her smile and definitely would make her heart leap.

10. Loyalty
Being loyal is a must. It’s a total plus points. Keep your eyes on her, let her know that she is the one you are interested in.


11. Show patience
Respect her decisions. Don’t rush her. Accept her imperfections and be patient with her.

12. Remember the little things
Pay attention to little details. Take note of the important dates and her dislikes. Surprise her with some thoughtful ways to show that you remember these things about her. Don’t let the little things go unnoticed.

Do these romantic little things to your favorite person wholeheartedly without strings attached. Be true to her and you will earn her trust.

As the little prince quoted, “It is only by the heart that one can see things rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.”


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