The 13 virtues of a truly perfect woman

Gentlemen! The perfect woman exists for real!

Finding the perfect woman is a real obstacle course. However, here is a list of criteria that she must absolutely have to have the merit of being called a “perfect woman”. Gentlemen, if you have one in your hands, don’t let go!

1.She loves you unconditionally

The truly loving woman is able to move a mountain for the one who makes her little heartbeat. So the first quality of a perfect woman is that she loves you deeply, unconditionally, and sincerely. If you have a woman by your side who loves you with all her heart, don’t let her slip away!

2.she takes care of you

The perfect woman is the caring and kind woman, she is the one who takes care of her man, because she knows that he loves to be pampered even for a simple sore. If it’s always there when you’re sick, it’s always there when you’re drunk after a drunken night or whatever, that’s the one. This is proof that even in the worst situations, she will not let go. Which is a pretty rare thing to find today.

3.she’s so lovely 

The perfect woman is beautiful, she is the one you never tire of admiring, it is also a sign that indicates that you are head over heels in love with her. Even when you wake up, she’s cute and full of charm. No matter, even if she’s starting to get older, if she has extra pounds… you will always find her just as pretty because she suits you. Its beauty simply dazzles you!

4.She is both intelligent and cultivated

A doll with a life head, who would want that? Certainly not you, because this kind of woman can get bored quickly. The perfect woman is smarter than you because behind every man there is an even taller woman. She is intellectual and can spice up a relationship. It is certain that it will help you in all your endeavors. If you have such a woman, hold on to her!

5.She is strong and independent

The perfect woman is fragile, but most of all, she is strong and can overcome any obstacle. Nothing can bring it down easily. She is independent and knows how to assemble an Ikea piece of furniture without the help of anyone. But she doesn’t spend her life complaining either. If that kind of woman is next to you, you are a really lucky man! So don’t leave it to the other guys.

6.She is active

The perfect woman is an energetic, active, and adventurous woman, she does sports exercises, she does the household chores, but most of all, she works and she has plans as well as goals in life. She will not hesitate to ensure that her man ends up at the top of the ladder.

7.She is full of life

The perfect woman knows how to laugh, she knows how to drink too much, and she laughs out loud. It is certain that with this kind of woman, your life will be more dynamic, and you will be happier. So, no more boredom and routine!

8 she is modest and feminine

The perfect woman is feminine even though she may be equal to the man. She devotes time to herself: massage, peeling, bath, yoga class… She doesn’t keep her moral and physical well-being waiting. She is also sensual, a trait that always capsizes men. She is classy and attractive, but without being vulgar. She does not reveal a large part of her body for the pleasure of little voyeurs who are just waiting for it.

9.She needs you

The perfect woman always asks for your opinion, no matter what she does. Whether she’s eating, dressing, wondering about her career … she always takes your opinions into account before making any decision. This leads to say that your appreciations mean a lot to her. Know how to appreciate this quality!

10.She makes compromises

Most men are stubborn, and women are more so. They like things to be the way they are, and they are reluctant to make a change. But anyway, a love story requires compromise. That’s why the perfect woman has to be willing to compromise for the relationship to work. However, you will also need to do as much as her.

11.She dares to tell you to your face when things are wrong

Man needs the perfect woman who is able to put him back in place when he is wrong because he has a knack for making the wrong choices and the dumbest things. So, unearthing the one that is capable of keeping you on track because it can drastically change your life. But if you already have one, it’s a precious treasure that you should absolutely keep at all costs.

12.She is serene in all circumstances

The perfect woman immediately puts you at ease. After work, you hurry to find her, because you know that she is waiting for you with a smile on her lips. Even though she has things to say to you, she asks how your day unfolds first before telling you what’s on her heart. But above all, she does not raise her voice, because she knows you both have a hard day’s work!

13. She represents the world to you

Do you want to know if the one who shares your life is a perfect woman? It’s not complicated. Without her by your side, you are lost, because she represents everything to you. In addition, she appreciates your moods a lot, but also your group of friends. Realize this, and never lose it. Otherwise, you will realize once you lose her that she was the perfect woman for you!

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