10 Little Things Girls Do That Annoy Guys In A Relationship (& 10 That He Actually Loves)

From time to time, when we’re in a serious relationship, our partner notices the small habits that we have and gets a bit frustrated. When we first start dating a guy, we can’t see anything wrong with him. He’s perfect and we’re so glad to be with him, and we know that he feels the same way about us. We look at couples who have been together longer, wondering why they say that their partner annoys them. And then our boyfriend doesn’t put the dishes away or leaves his socks on the floor again and suddenly we know what these girls are talking about.

The truth is that once we get to know someone, we can’t help but think that some of the things that they do on a regular basis are at least a little bit annoying. Although we might feel a bit guilty for thinking that way, it’s the way that it goes, and it’s normal.

There are some little things that we do in a relationship that our boyfriend doesn’t love… although he might not actually tell us. There are also some little things that he finds charming and adorable. Read on to find out 10 little things girls do in a relationship that guys get annoyed by, along with 10 things that he secretly loves.

20He’s Annoyed: She Has Trouble Picking A Restaurant Every Time

Why is it so tough to be asked, “Where do you want to go for dinner tonight?” For some reason, when our boyfriend asks us this question, we honestly aren’t sure what restaurant to pick. We have a few go-to’s and yet it’s like we haven’t ever been to any restaurant at all.

Whether we realize or not, this little habit might actually annoy our boyfriend. He might smile and say that we can just go to the pub in our neighborhood that we went to last time, but secretly, he might be wondering why we didn’t just suggest something.

19He Actually Loves It: She Makes Plans For Them And Assumes He’s Free

It’s great when we get to the point in a relationship where we feel totally comfortable making social plans without asking our boyfriend first. When we’re setting up a dinner date with a friend and her partner, we know that we can say yes even if we haven’t mentioned it to our boyfriend yet. We know his schedule and that he’s free and that he’d love to come.

Our boyfriend secretly loves when we do this since it makes things super easy. He knows that we care, that we’ve got a great social life, and that he’ll be happy to have these things going on.

18He’s Annoyed: She Always Picks His Dirty Clothes/Socks Off The Floor

There seems to be something about socks that guys just love leaving them on the floor… and we can’t help but clean them up when we notice them. We would rather have socks in their proper place (aka the laundry hamper if they’re dirty or in a drawer if they’re clean).

Our boyfriend finds this little thing that we do to be pretty frustrating. He might tell us this or he might keep quiet, but either way, it’s not something that he adores. Even if we say that we love keeping the apartment tidy and we’re not trying to criticize him, he still might shrug and say he wants to keep his socks on the floor. We know it’s best to avoid a fight and just smile.

17He Actually Loves It: She Falls Asleep While Watching TV/A Movie

After a long day at work (or even a long lazy weekend day of brunch and reading), we’re pretty tired, and it seems like as soon as we lie down on the couch at night to watch TV or a movie, it’s only a matter of time before we fall asleep.

Maybe our boyfriend tells us that he thinks that this is cute, but even if he doesn’t, he secretly loves it. He considers it part of our normal couple TV watching routine. We swear that sometimes when we’re relaxing with a new Netflix show, we see him dozing off, too, but he might not admit it.

16He’s Annoyed: She’s Always Cleaning

If we’re one of those people who can’t stare at a mess without immediately wanting to clean it up, then this is for us. We can’t help but clean our apartment at every opportunity. We think that this is a good thing because how can cleaning be bad?

Unfortunately, our boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan of our cleaning habit, and he thinks that sometimes we clean a bit too much. He finds this little habit of ours annoying. Oh well. We’ll be over here, sweeping and having fun because we find it totally relaxing. There is something about cleaning that feels awesome.

15He Actually Loves It: She Wears His T-Shirts And Sweaters

Our boyfriend’s t-shirts and sweaters (his hoodies in particular) are just so comfy and cozy. It’s impossible not to want to wear them as often as we can. For some reason, any hoodie that we buy just isn’t the same.

We steal them or ask for them, but however we get our hands on these items of clothing, we really love wearing them. Our boyfriend definitely loves this and he might keep that a secret and not actually tell us. But if we see him smiling sweetly at us out of the corner of our eye, we’ll know that he’s loving it.

14He’s Annoyed: She Asks Him To Be More Romantic

Some guys are more romantic than others, and it seems like the luck of the draw sometimes. We can have the best boyfriend ever and still wish that he was a bit more romantic most of the time (not counting birthdays or anniversaries because most people are fairly romantic on those special days).

When we ask our boyfriend to be more romantic or show us that he cares more often than he does, he might not love hearing that. It might annoy him because then he feels like we’re criticizing him or not happy with him. We should definitely be careful about talking to him about this subject.

13He Actually Loves It: She Texts Him A Lot Of Emojis

We thought that texting was fun… and then emojis came along and everything changed.  Texting with little hearts and smiley faces and pictures of food makes communicating via text message that much more enjoyable. We will always find something that works for the situation or what we’re trying to say.

Our boyfriend secretly loves when we text him with an emoji or two (or five… hey, we love them, we can’t stop). He might jump on board, too, and start texting us with tons of adorable emojis or he might restrain himself. But he knows that these are great and that he’s into them, too.

12He’s Annoyed: She Wants To Know Who Just Texted Him

We’re having dinner with our boyfriend on a random weeknight or on the couch on Saturday night and his phone lights up with a new text message. We can’t help but ask him, who just texted him?

We feel this is a totally innocent and normal question to ask. We’re just curious. We bet he would ask us the same thing if our own phone went off. But our boyfriend finds this kind of annoying and feels like we should give him a bit more space and privacy. It’s just one of those things that we might never truly agree on or understand where the other person is coming from.

11He Actually Loves It: She Always Asks How His Mom And/Or Sister Is Doing

Hopefully, we like our boyfriend’s relatives, and if he has a mom and sister that we get along with, we start to care a lot about them as we get to know them all. We want to know how they’re doing and whenever we hear that our boyfriend has just had a phone conversation with them or that they’ve been texting, we want to hear what’s new in their lives.

This might seem like a small thing but it’s a habit that we have that our boyfriend secretly loves. He enjoys the fact that we care so much about his family and that we’re making an effort.

10He’s Annoyed: She Likes To Post A Lot About The Relationship On Social Media

It’s safe to say that many guys aren’t the biggest fans of posting all about their relationship on their social media accounts. Sure, a post here and there is fine, but they like to keep these things more private.

We can’t really say the same. We love to post photos of the two of us and to talk about how great things are going. This honestly annoys our boyfriend and while it might seem like something small that we do, and it’s just part of our daily routine, he wishes that we would be a bit more private. We can see where he’s coming from… but we still enjoy it.

9He Actually Loves It: She Is Always Down For A Double Date

Double dates are awesome. We often see them in the movies or on TV and they’re honestly such a smart idea. Instead of splitting up to see our respective friends, it’s cool to go somewhere with our significant other, a good friend, and their partner (as long as we all get along, that is).

Our boyfriend secretly loves when we set up double dates and when we make sure that they’re a regular part of our social life. Whether or not he tells us how much he appreciates it, we can be sure that’s how he’s feeling, and he doesn’t want us to stop doing this.

8He’s Annoyed: She Brings Up Important Topics Late At Night

It’s often right before we should go to sleep that we get really upset about something that’s going on in our life. Whether it’s career-related or more personal, we can’t help but start thinking and worrying about it.

We bring it up to our boyfriend and while he’s supportive and loving, he would rather that we talked about this in the morning or another time that’s not late at night. He’s not the biggest fan of how we always bring up important topics right before we go to bed. This is even truer if this has something to do with our relationship. We’re both too tired to have a real conversation.

7He Actually Loves It: She Loves To Cuddle Before Going To Sleep

Cuddling is a serious part of any relationship. It might be hailed as corny or cheesy and movies might make it look like only girls like to cuddle. That’s not true at all. Guys are happy to cuddle with their girlfriends any time of day or night.

We love to cuddle right before going to sleep because it’s a nice way to connect and feel close. He might not say that he appreciates these little moments together but he definitely does. If we stopped doing this, we bet that our boyfriend would ask why and say that we have to bring the late night cuddle sessions back.

6He’s Annoyed: She Always Wants To Hear His Opinion And How He’s Feeling

We love our boyfriend and always want to hear how he feels about something. He finds it annoying that we’re always asking him what he thinks and how he feels. Sometimes he needs more time to think about something before talking to us about it, or maybe he’s totally fine with something and doesn’t want to talk about it.

It’s hard to break this habit since we care about him and want him to feel okay. This is where we have to learn how to communicate with each other and what style of communication we each prefer. Once we know that he doesn’t always want to talk about things as much as we do and that doesn’t mean that he’s mad, we’ll be much happier.

5He Actually Loves It: She Uses His Body Wash Or Even His Cologne Sometimes

The first time that we sleep over at our boyfriend’s place or when we start spending more time there, we notice his body wash in the shower. Chances are, it smells really good, and we can’t help but use it whenever we’re over. It’s funny because we might not even use body wash and we might be good with plain old soap, but our boyfriend prefers a manly scent (possibly something that smells like pine trees).

He secretly loves that we do this and it makes him feel awesome. Sometimes, we even use his cologne, which he loves even more.

4He’s Annoyed: She Likes To Make Plans Ahead Of Time

Have we ever told our boyfriend that we’d love to book train tickets to visit his mom and his response was, “That’s not for another month, we can wait, we have time”? Of course, right? This is a pretty typical conversation that many couples have.

While we love to plan ahead and think about the future, our boyfriend would rather go with the flow and make plans only as far ahead as is absolutely necessary. He just can’t see why we have to make plans ahead of time, no matter how many times we explain that it just makes us feel more comfortable.

3He Actually Loves It: She Always Brings Him A Coffee When She Goes Out To Buy One

Doing small things for the guy that we love is a really fun and lovely part of being in a serious relationship. If we run out to the local coffee shop and bring back coffee before we head off to the office on a weekday morning, we’re always going to get a cup of Joe for our boyfriend. The same thing is true if we’re running errands or coming back from breakfast on the weekend.

He secretly loves that we always get him a coffee, even if he doesn’t show it (although hopefully he says thank you because manners are always attractive).

2He’s Annoyed: She’s Okay With Eating Leftovers All The Time Or The Same Foods Over And Over Again

There are two kinds of people: those who adore leftovers and those who want to cook something from scratch every night. For people who love leftovers, it seems easy and a great way to save money. For people who hate them, it’s boring and seems like the worst idea ever.

Our boyfriend probably doesn’t love that we don’t mind eating the same dinner or foods over and over again. We find it a simple way to stay healthy and not have to worry or think too much about what we’re making for dinner, but he would rather have some more variety.

1He Actually Loves It: She Always Wants To Watch A Scary Movie Then Gets Scared

It’s the perfect time of year to cozy up with some horror films since Halloween is approaching and the weather is cool enough now to wear the fall clothes that we all adore so much.

Many of us love horror movies and yet get pretty scared when we sit down to watch one. Our boyfriend secretly loves that we request these spooky movies and then get scared. Of course, he loves this because we can cuddle, and we love it, too. It’s the best kind of date night there is, and we don’t see any reason to watch any other kind of film.

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