Here’s What Each Astro Sign Does When They Want Out Of A Relationship (His & Her)

Breaking up is hard to do. When it comes to ending a relationship, there are certain ways that one goes about doing it and it can differ from person to person. It’s not even so much how they break up, but what they do when they want out of a relationship. We all usually get signs that our significant other no longer wants to be in a relationship. It sucks, but sometimes, it’s just time to move on.

Nobody likes to break up with someone. For the most part, you don’t want to hurt your partner, you just want to exit gracefully without causing too much drama. We all probably know of a guy that had some creative ways of breaking up with a girl because he didn’t want to come off as a jerk. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you give off signs that you want out. Here’s what each astro sign does when they want out of a relationship (his & her).

24Men: Aries Can Be Cold

Aries men will not worry about your feelings at this point. When he makes plans with his friends, he won’t even consider inviting you. If he plans a vacation or a trip somewhere, he may not even bother asking if you would like to go as well, he will just make his own plans. He’s not interested in the ideas that you have to say and he won’t consult you any longer when it comes time to make important decisions.

23Women: Aries Know When It’s Over

She’s less likely to drag it out and play games. She won’t delay the inevitable. If she realizes that she is finished with the relationship she will go through with right away. You can bet that your next big fight will be the time that she calls it quits. They may pull the plug before they are even sure they want to, that’s how sure they are about their decision. Aries don’t waste time getting out of a relationship.

22Men: Taurus Won’t Be Caring

One huge sign that something is wrong in your relationship is when the sex disappears. Taurus men will not act as if everything is okay. If he’s going to break up with you, he’s not going to continue to be affectionate with you. If he does, you won’t find him engaged in the act and it will be as if he’s disconnected which won’t be much fun for you. He will get in and get out without worrying about if he’s taking care of your needs.

21Women: She Will Take Her Time

She won’t break up with you impulsively, she’s going to take her time to make sure that the breakup is really what she wants. It sucks for the guy because he might assume everything is okay because there are really no signs popping up while she figures things out. She is not someone who is going to rush out of the relationship, so it may seem like the breakup came out of nowhere, but she’s been thinking about it for a while.

20Men: Gemini Don’t Have Fun With You

If you are in a relationship with a guy and it seems like he has more fun with his family and friends then he does when you two are alone together, it may be because he’s thinking of cutting the cord. It’s a bad sign if he’s most relaxed and happy when he’s not with you. If you two are alone and all he can offer you is moodiness and you can’t seem to make him happy, that’s not a good sign. It will suck for you because it will seem like everyone in the world can make him happy but you.

19Women: You Might Get Dumped On the Phone

Gemini women can do a few different things to you when they know they want to break up with you. At best you will get a warning that she’s not feeling the relationship anymore but that depends on whether or not she will feel like a face to face is too awkward. If she thinks that you will handle “the talk” well, then she will likely sit down with you and talk things over, but if there is a chance she thinks you might freak, she’ll dump you over the phone.

18Men: Cancers Will Point Out Their Flaws

If your guy starts telling you that you deserve better than him, then you might be heading for a breakup. Some guys just don’t like being the bad guy, so they will try to talk you out of being with them so that you will be the one to do the break up and they don’t have to hurt you. He will do this by constantly pointing out his flaws so that you might start to think to yourself, “Why am I with this guy?” Don’t waste any more time with this guy.

17Women: Cancer Women Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone

You may find the same thing when it comes to a Cancer woman, mainly because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She will hold on to a relationship longer than she should even if she knows that it’s not going anywhere. She will feel like she did everything that she could to make it work but she will likely hope you bite the bullet and save her the trouble of breaking up with you. If she is the one that breaks up with you she will likely do it in a public place where she knows you won’t cry.

16Men: Leoss Think Of Themselves

When Leos decide that they are going to break up with you, they will become more selfish and just start thinking about themselves. Before he would generously pay for everything but now things are different. He stops inviting you out and when he does, he rarely offers to pay for anything. If he manages to pick up the cheque, he will act annoyed that he has to. You may notice that he didn’t go all out for your birthday like he used to and his gifts seem more like an obligation now.

15Women: Leos Will Tell You Exactly How They Feel

While a Leo man may make his feelings known by not treating you like he used to, a Leo woman is likely to tell you that she’s just not that into you anymore. Even if she feels like you did her wrong, she will come right out and say it instead of beating around the bush. She will tell you straight up that things aren’t working out for her and that it’s best for both of you if you go your separate ways. She will even encourage you by telling you that your match is out there somewhere.

14Men: Virgos Will Be Irritated

If he doesn’t want to be with you anymore then everything you do is going to start to irritate him. You can’t figure it out because he used to be chill but now you just can’t seem to do anything right. He’s always criticizing you and it’s getting to the point where he’s probably pointed out everything that’s wrong with you. He can certainly seem like a jerk and it would be better if he just dumped you and got it over with.

13Women: She’s Analytical About It

Virgo women are probably just as irritated about you but more of it is going on inside their head rather than telling you straight up. They will analyze every little part if the relationship to determine if it really suits their needs. Her decision isn’t ruled by emotion and if she’s decided it’s over then there is no point in dragging it out. She will likely sit you don’t and tell you that it’s not working out for her and she doesn’t want to drag it out any longer.

12Men: Libras Will Stop Posting Pictures

You used to be the couple that took selfies all the time and you loved it when he posted pictures of the two of you on social media. When a Libra man wants to break up, he’s going to stop posting pictures of the two of you together. He will also think it’s pointless to continue to take selfies together and you will see that he’s not interested when you ask. He’s the guy that wants to appear single on social media because you guys aren’t going to be together that long anyway.

11Women: Libra Women Play It Nice

Libra women play it so nice during a break up that a man really never sees the breakup coming. They are almost too nice to a fault because it gives the guy the wrong idea. She will try to break up with you in the nicest way possible. It would be better for her to just cut the cord quickly, but she may drag it out because she’s trying to be nice. She will tell you that you aren’t a good fit but there is someone else out there for you.

10Men: Scorpios Will Pick Fights

He doesn’t want to be the one to break up with you, so he will just start to pick fights over the smallest things. He might cause a huge argument over you changing the channel during a commercial. It might get to the point that you start to wonder why he is fighting with you over the smallest things. He wants you to feel like the relationship is unbearable and leave yourself. Otherwise, the relationship itself is just going to implode because he’s constantly picking fights.

9Women: Scorpios Love Revenge

If this girl finds out that you have been betraying her, then you are going to have some serious regrets. If she found out that you cheated and knows that she’s going to break up with you, she just might wait long enough to exact revenge on you. This is a girl that you should not trifle with. It’s likely that a breakup with her will not go well either way but if you did something to wrong her you’ll know because she will make you pay for it.

8Men: Sagittarius Is Not Committing

One sign that this guy is going to ditch you is that he won’t commit to any future plans. Every time you try to make plans with him, he will be vague, never really setting down plans. He’s going to want to hang out with anyone but you at this point. He will encourage you to hang out with your friends because he can’t commit to any plans. This is his way of disengaging with you and before you know it, he won’t be there at all.

7Women: They Avoid Breakups

Sagittarius women are very similar to Sagittarius men in the sense they will do just about anything to avoid doing the breakup themselves. So, you can expect to get the same treatment as we said before where your lady will just not commit to any plans with you. She will become less and less available and she would just love it if you broke up with her instead, so she can avoid it entirely. If you find her getting distant there is usually a reason for that.

6Men: Capricorns Don’t See You In Their Future

Has your man been telling you all about these amazing plans he has for the future, but he’s using “I” instead of “we?” That’s because he doesn’t see you in his future. He’s got all these plans for himself but he’s not saying “we” because you won’t be in his life at that point. Maybe he’s talking about how he wants to move to Thailand and he knows that you can’t leave your family behind. The reason why it doesn’t bother him is that he doesn’t see you there.

5Women: They Are Unemotional

Capricorn women will also avoid discussing the future with you because they will see it as pointless. She will take their time with the breakup because she will want to make sure that she has no regrets about the breakup. She will take her time to make a decision but when she finally does break up with you it could feel like a business transaction. She is not going to get emotional, it will be pretty cut and dry. She will stay unemotional because she doesn’t want things to get messy.

4Men: Aquarius Will Flinch At Your Touch

Ouch! That sucks but that’s the way they operate. It sure won’t be hard to tell if this guy is going to break up with you because he won’t be the same guy that you know. He used to be affectionate with you and now he flinches when you try to touch him. You are going to know something is wrong pretty quickly. His affection level won’t change with other people, it will just change with you. It will be a slow death and you will likely break up with him first because being with him will be depressing.

3Women: She Will Want to Be Friends

The last thing that a guy wants to hear is that a girl just wants to go back to being just friends. You probably won’t have to worry about that though because she’s not going to want to touch you during the breakup stage either, so you probably won’t want to be friends after. When she says she just wants to be friends, believe her because, she won’t want anything more from you. It’s hard to say whether the break up itself will go horribly wrong but it’s unlikely you will want to be friends.

2Men: Pisces Don’t Share

If your man stops sharing his ideas and feelings with you, then you have to know that something is wrong. Pisces won’t talk to you about it though, you two will end up becoming two ships passing in the night. You may start to notice that you are growing apart and he won’t talk to you about “what happened” between you two. It will start to feel as if you are more like roommates than lovers.

1Women: Pisces Will Wait It Out

Pisces women will take their time with a breakup because they want to make sure it’s truly what they want but once they are ready, it will be over right away. In the meantime, however, she will not be connecting with you in any way. She will let you know it’s over when she has made the decision but aside from that, you won’t be allowed to know how she feels at all. She may not even be able to tell you why it’s over, she will just know that she’s done with the relationship.


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