10 Inspiring Ways to be a Better Big Sister

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“A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.”- Badura James

When mom and dad don’t understand, a sister always will. Sisters are good, harsh, complicated, and everything in between. Having a sister is both a punishment and a gift any way you see it. You both share memories nobody else can ever connect with in a special way. Your sister may inspire you or cause you headaches but she is your sister and nothing will come your way that could change it. Being a big sister is fun but is also a great responsibility. So for you to be a good, loving, and better big sister you might want to consider the following ways.

1. Be a confidante.
Show your siblings that they have a shoulder to cry on. Someone they can talk to and keep their secrets safe (you are not a spy for your parents). Be their partner in crime, their midnight companion and their human diary.

2. Talk through any issues.
Issues are bound to arise and when they do, give your sibs the chance to say their concerns. Listen to them, be calm and respect their decisions. You should give advice not commands.

3. Be a good example.
Respect and listen to your parents, apologize when you’re wrong, and work hard in school or in your job. That would make you your sibs’ ideal person.

4. Compromise.
If it isn’t a big deal let it go. If you both like and want to buy the same dress, let her have it.  (Tip: You can still wear the dress. You can borrow it anytime!)

5. Keep in contact if you don’t live together.
Make sure to stay in touch with your sibs. Have time to check on them. Let them know you’re just a call and text away.

6. Encourage them.
If your sibs are feeling down or in doubt, encourage them. Try to ease their fears and let them know they can do anything if they set their mind to it.

7. Give your support.
Give your sibs good luck if they have an upcoming test or a job interview, if they will be receiving an award be sure to show up for the ceremony. Support them at important events.

8. Make them gifts.
Get or make them thoughtful gifts for her birthdays or holidays, this will show how much you care for them.

9. Have one on one time.
Have time for your sister. It’s a time for both of you to relax and get to know one another more. Treat her, share meals together or do fun activities together. You might not want to be the boring big sister ever.

10. Say I love you.
Remind your siblings every single day how much you care for them. Tell them you love them. If you’re not much of a talker, then show how important they are to you. After all, action speaks louder than words.

Siblings may be annoying sometimes but they’re your family, they’ve seen your best and your worst yet they are still there for you. Love them unconditionally. Tell them because they have the best sister, they will always have a friend. Show them there is no better big sister than you.

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