10 Enjoyable Points to Do at Home When You’re Bored, Broke and Alone

As much fun as it is to go out, there will be days where an empty wallet forces us into a self-imposed house arrest. But it doesn’t have to be boring because we created a list of these fun things to do at home when you don’t have a penny left to spend.

How to find fun things to do at home

Of course, the idea of being home alone with the inevitable task of fighting boredom can be challenging. However, your home can be an untapped resource of activities if you just look around. Who knows, you might discover an activity that is not only fun, but also saves money.

#1 Pick up a book and read. There’s a joke somewhere that says you’ll only get to reading a book you love, or if you’re in prison. Since being stuck at home broke is the next best thing to prison, why not pick up a book?

#2 Clean up the house. Is that one thing you neglect because you’re too busy with work or other activities? Being stuck at home, why not take the time to tidy up a bit. It may not be one of the most fun things to do at home, but hey, it’ll make you feel so much better and accomplished.

#3 Do some DIY repairs. With extra time on your hands, you can now work on those squeaky hinges, rusty pipes, and any woodwork languishing for your attention.

#4 Play some board games. Don’t you miss the good old days when people still played board games and really interacted with other human beings?

#5 Check out some podcasts. If you’re a podcast virgin, then you might be in for a new addiction. Podcasts are like radio shows over the internet and saved into a portable media device.

#6 Explore the house. As silly as this may sound, exploring the house can still be one of those unexpectedly fun things to do at home. Some people do this to do some sort of “maintenance check” to look for things that need repair. Some do domestic archaeology and check out some of the old interesting stuff that may have been lying around forgotten.

#7 Start writing a blog. Alone with nothing but your thoughts? What a good time to write it down! Blogging is not only therapeutic, but it is also a good practice for your word-stringing skills.

#8 Exercise. If you’re the energetic type and can’t sit all day, do some push-ups, sit-ups, or just take yourself out for a jog or walk.

#9 Browse some old photo albums. Take a trip down memory lane and check out those old yellowing albums from the family archives.

#10 Play with your pets or take them out for a walk. Your dog appreciates an unscheduled walk around the neighborhood, and maybe your cat is up for some laser pointer chasing. Or just pet them.



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