10 Achievable Relationship Goals to Make Your Love Grow

You have probably seen pictures of couples on the internet doing various activities labelled as ‘relationship goals’, like holding hands at the Eiffel tower in Paris, soaking together in a hot tub in a high-end apartment, giving each other luxurious gifts such as cars and giant teddy bears, or fine dining at the most expensive restaurants. Any normal person would envy the way these people run their relationships in order to make their love grow deeper, but what about the less fortunate people? People who cannot afford to book a plane ticket to Bali or eat at a three-Michelin star restaurant? Are there any ‘relationship goals’ for these types of people? Yes! For the common folk, here are 10 achievable relationship goals to make your love grow:

1. Adopt a pet. 
Whether it is a dog, cat, turtle, or iguana, adopting a pet is a major business, that is why you have to talk to your partner first before adopting one. The important thing about this is that both of you should accept this huge responsibility before finally adding a critter to the family. This teaches couples to work as a team, another reason why some couples adopt a puppy first before having a baby. Having a pet may be a major responsibility but it can also be a way for your relationship to grow by teaching you to partner up with each other and harmonize.

2. Give each other personalized gifts. 
Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a personalized gift. It doesn’t have to be extravagant like his or her name carved into a golden ring, even handmade paper roses would be sweet enough to sweep your partner off his or her feet. Take this opportunity to unleash your creative side, take out scissors, craft papers, a cookbook, basically anything! And create personal gifts such as cookies, a love card, or a do-it-yourself picture frame. Giving gifts is a nice idea but handing out a customized one? Even better! It just shows how much you appreciate and value that special someone in your life.

3. Exercise with your partner. 
Encouragement and support are important in a relationship. Exercising regularly with your partner can pave ways for these two factors to develop. Whether it be jogging in the morning or simple work-out routines, exercising together creates a bond between the two of you. You encourage each other to push beyond one’s limits and support them when they achieve their body goals. Another up side to this is not only you get to grow together as a couple, your bodies also become more fit and healthy!

4. Do a hobby together. 
It can be anything – painting, riding horses, playing video games, knitting, or reading books! Doing a hobby together with your boyfriend or girlfriend allows you to explore each other’s personal interests. You can just sit with your partner, read a good book, and enjoy a good silence. Exposing yourself to other hobbies can also be a way to pique your interest and by doing the activity that your partner loves, you get to know him or her better.

5. Try something new. 
There comes a time in every relationship that it becomes monotonous. But do not fret! There are remedies to this. There is no harm in trying something new! Encourage your partner to do one thing that he or she has never done before and let your partner support you in doing the same. By doing this you and your partner are conquering your fears and working your way to achieve your goals – a good practice to develop a strong support system!

6. Cook for each other. 
Take a break from dining out and take-outs every once in a while because nothing beats homemade food. There is always sentiment when one cooks, so cooking for your partner, whether you are a horrible cook or a master chef, in a way tells him or her about how much you love him or her. Through the effort of cooking a meal, you are able to pour out your passion and care for the person you love and seeing the delight in his or her face while eating it is equally fulfilling.

7. Travel locally. 
You don’t have to empty your bank account when you travel. How? You can always travel to your local spots or destinations next to your town. The point is not where you are going but how you get there. Travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend enables you to share the same experience and therefore create a deeper bond from it. Enjoying each other’s company while driving to the destination is even enough to make two people grow fonder of each other.

8. Make each other laugh. 
A sense of humor is important. Life is tough so being humorous can come quite in handy. Make each other laugh every day for it is important to enjoy life. Keep your shoulders light and your cheeks grinning. It is important to have a partner who knows how to melt your stress away. Laughing with the one you love until your tummies hurt, in itself is a relationship goal.

9. Spend time with each other’s family. 
Attend the BBQ-get-togethers, Christmas reunions, or Thanksgiving dinners! Spending time with each other’s family shows that you not only care for your partner but also for his family. Through his or her mother’s tales, uncle’s anecdotes, or tattle-telling of his or her brothers or sisters, you get to know your partner not only as the person when you met him or her, but how he or she was as a son or daughter or sibling.

10. Write simple love notes. 
Leave post-it notes, send love letters, give thank you cards. It doesn’t have to be every day but by showing affection, you show importance for the little things. As they say, “a little goes a long way.” In every relationship, it is important to show appreciation for the one you love. A note telling him or her to not forget to take his or her medication, a spontaneous letter expressing your love,  a thank you card for the lunch he or she prepares every day. These simple things that you give allows your relationship to grow even deeper and stronger.

You don’t have to do everything according to this list, if you can afford a trip to Japan, why not? If you can dine out every day, why not? It depends on every relationship what goals will they classify as ‘relationship goals’. The only thing that couples must never forget is that these goals must always lead to two things: the better development of each self and for the growth of a much deeper love.

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