You Are Never Going To Find Love From Your Comfort Zone

You are never going to find love until you break free from your comfort zone. You are never going to get close to someone until you break down your walls. You are never going to find your forever person until you take a running leap.

You are never going to capture another heart until you release your own into the wild. You are never going to form a strong, lifelong connection unless you stop tethering the real you back and allow her to roam free. You are never going to end up in a serious relationship until you shed your commitment issues, your abandonment issues, your trust issues.


You are never going to find someone who accepts all of you unless you let them see all of you. Swiping right on dating apps or smiling at a stranger from across the bar is a good start — but it is not enough. Texting first is not enough. Setting up a date is not enough.

When you are on that date, you have to lower your guard. You cannot stick to small talk for too long or you will never get to know each other. Once you feel a connection, once you realize a relationship with this person could actually work, you have to express vulnerability. You have to give your date your complete attention. You have to let yourself feel.

You cannot shut down as soon as you get scared of how much you like them. You cannot close yourself off. You cannot hide behind sarcasm or a screen. You cannot dodge certain topics or lie through your teeth. You cannot mislead them. You cannot mistreat them. You cannot act like you are heartless on purpose because you would rather chase them away early than risk developing something real with them.

You are never going to find love from the safety of your comfort zone. You are never going to find your person if you insist on spending weekends inside, ignore texts from cute boys, and choose to lock yourself away because it’s easier than dealing with other humans.


You are never going to find love unless you put yourself out there, unless you put your heart on the line. Yes, your heart could get battered and bruised in the process. Yes, you could end up wasting your time with the wrong person. But you are never going to find love unless you close your eyes and leap.

Even when you end up heartbroken, you should be proud of yourself for taking a risk, for giving love a shot. Every breakup brings you one step closer to the right relationship. You have to wade through the wrong people in order to get to the good ones. It’s rare to find true love on your first try.

Even though it’s scary to get close to someone, to open yourself up to someone, to give someone the tools to hurt you, you are never going to find love from inside your comfort zone. Love requires risks. It requires vulnerability. It requires you to have faith in yourself and faith in true love.


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