One Day, I Will Stop Loving You

I will stop loving you.

It may not be today or tomorrow but one day, it will happen.

One day, I will stop dreaming about you. I won’t be tormented by thoughts of you by day and haunting dreams of you at night. I won’t go through my daily routine feeling a sick pit in my stomach that nothing feels right without you by my side. I will stop thinking that you were the best thing that happened to me and my life had plummeted to pitch darkness now that you were gone.

One day, I will stop hoping you would come back. I won’t reach for my phone and secretly wish it were you only for my heart to sink for the thousandth times it’s not. I will stop expecting you to suddenly reach out in the blue saying you miss me. I won’t search for you in the crowd and wished that I would randomly bump into you. I won’t keep thinking that all would be fine if you could only just come back to me.


One day, I will stop missing you. I will stop counting how long it has been since we last talked. I will stop wondering how are you doing and whether you miss me. I will stop stalking you on your social media and being deathly scared that you have moved on without me. I will stop being paranoid that our friends would tell me that you have a new girlfriend and you’re happier than before. I will stop feeling the void that you left behind as I fill my life with the things I love, the passions that keep me awake, and the people that always have my back.

One day, I will stop waiting for you to come back. I will move on with my life and create new memories. I will go on to achieve what I want to do. I will be bold and motivated to pick myself up and regain my old energy. I will start taking failure in stride and pursue the dreams that I longed to achieve. I will live each day to the fullest and determined to make each moment count.

One day, I will fall in love with someone who is not you. I will stop looking for you in everyone I meet. I will stop looking for your replacement and truly love another. I will realize what we had was special but it wasn’t irreplaceable. I will open my heart openly, fearlessly, and unreservedly because not even you can ruin love for me.

One day, I will stop loving you. I will let you go fully, totally, and without restraint. I will look back at our past objectively and acknowledged that there were good days but the unhappiness outweighed the good. I will be convinced that I did the right thing by ending it with you because you were never right for me. I will stop living in the past and start cherishing the present as well as being excited by the brilliant possibilities of what the future will bring me.


One day, I will be better off without you. I will take the lessons you left me with and make sure that I won’t make the same mistake in my next relationship. I will be confident, strong, and secure with myself and won’t settle in my relationship. I will be truly happy and comfortable in my own skin and I won’t have it any other way.

I will be better eventually even if it that day is not today.


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