When It’s Time To Move On And Start Choosing Yourself

Everyone goes through a time in their lives when they feel as if it is impossible to move forward and let go of who or what you’re holding  onto. We’ve all been there. You tend to feel that you belong to the toxicity and it belongs to you. You let the poor behavior consume you, and soon enough find yourself going back and forth from situations you shouldn’t even be in. It’s time to move on. Shut that door and don’t turn back. You deserve better.

When you start becoming your own negativity, it’s time to stop. No one wants to be around that. Moving on is something that can take years and years to finally build up the courage to do. Once you do it, be sure that you’re actually going to do it. If you aren’t strong enough, you’re going to get sucked back into the ongoing cycle of pain. Cut it off and be strong. Own your worth because you deserve that.

Look deep inside your soul and find your purpose. Find who you are and what it is that you dreamt of living your life as.  Stop letting people control you. Are you meant to spend your entire life hurt and wondering about what could have been? NO. Feed your soul with positivity and growth. Find your meaning, because if you don’t, no one else will.

You’re allowed to be scared of change, but you know what is worse than being scared? Regret. If someone you love walked away from you, let them. If they were willing to let you go, they didn’t deserve you. Now is your time to shine. Stop holding onto the idea of love and start creating your own path. This time you’re choosing you and you’re not going back to what’s comfortable. Being in a situation where it is on again, off again is not love. Someone making you feel unworthy of happiness is not the type of relationship that should be in. Shut that door.

Don’t stay committed to someone who brings you down. Only you can be the one to make that change. Take a leap of faith and make yourself happy. You might get hurt, but guess what? It’s okay to be hurt and scared, but don’t for one second think that you’re guaranteed time. Don’t have that mindset that they will change, because they won’t. You have to be the one to do this for yourself.

You have one life to live—just one. How are you going to spend it? Secretly miserable, masking it, and portraying it as something it clearly isn’t? Are you going to spend it wallowing in your pain and being unhappy the rest of your life? In order to be the best version of yourself, you have to say yes to change. It’s time to move on from what you’re used to and choose you. You can do this and you will, just believe in your own happiness. Remember to know when enough is enough, shut that door, and move on.


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