The Different Levels Of Soulmate Connections

There are different levels of soulmates that you can meet along your life’s journey. You can have soulmates, karmic connections, soul friends, and even past life connections. The depth of the soulmate connection can shift depending upon where you are on your journey, and shifts can be made as you change courses in your own life.

When you encounter a soulmate, there is an instant feeling of knowing. You feel comfortable with this person from the moment you meet, as if you are meant to be in each other’s lives. Sometimes you are meant to be together for the long run, and other times it’s just for a season to learn lessons.

When you meet a soulmate, the conversation is easy and it feels good to be with them. This ease and comfort comes from within your soul and intuition, and the purpose of this connection is so that the two of you can comfortably grow and learn from one another. The two of you have something to give and teach one another.

You can have many soulmates, including soul friendships, and a soulmate is the person you will likely end up marrying. You might have some differences but you come together in order to teach each other lessons and to bring joy to each other’s lives. You might even feel a feeling of completing one another.

These connections can shift over time as you evolve. You may shift out of soul friendships or even soul relationships, depending on the course you end up taking in life, but the memories the two of you shared can continue to bring you comfort, and the connection can still feel comfortable when the two of you reconnect.

This is different from a twin flame or karmic connection where the two of you come together for the purpose of healing, growth, forward motion, and soul evolution. Twin flame or karmic connections can feel deeper than most soulmate connections, but even so, they are not necessarily meant to be your life partner. They are meant to show you your pain from the past so that you can heal and get unstuck. The connection with your twin flame is not one that is sustainable over a long term—it is uncomfortable because they are not meant to be your life partner. They are supposed to mirror your pain so that you can move forward and onto better relationships and situations in your life. Karmic means that there is karma or stagnant energy that needs to be resolved, likely from past relationships, so that you can move forward into the next relationship with more gratitude, ease, and maturity. After you meet a karmic twin flame soulmate, you are likely to move forward into a happily ever after connection.

Soulmate connections are real—when you meet a soulmate, you just know it. I believe that everyone has the ability to encounter multiple soulmates throughout the course of a lifetime, and when you do, you should feel incredibly grateful, lucky, and not take it for granted.


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