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What Is The Keyword To Start A Perfect Conversation According To Your Zodiac Sign

The conversation starters and ways that you can break the ice with each zodiac sign, per astrology.
The art of communicating was never easy.
It’s not easy to strike up a conversation with a stranger. If you’re a shy person with a zodiac sign that is more introverted than others, you understand.
Perhaps it’s as easy as understanding someone’s astrological sign. If you want to know what topics to break the ice with, look further at the list below for each horoscope sign’s favorite topic to talk about.
What is the keyword to start a perfect conversation on each ZODIAC

Here are conversation starters and ways that you can break the ice with each zodiac sign, per astrology.



-Talk to your Aries about leadership roles they’ve taken on. Maybe it’s a new CEO position or leader of the debate team either way they love talking about roles that make them take initiative.


-Try asking about artwork or anything that has to do with their manual involvement.


-Gemini love to talk about anything under the sun. You can ask them the big or little questions and they’ll answer it for you. Their interest in music and books help them create their own world so ask about that.



-Cancers love art and love having a good meal with friends. Ask them who their favorite artist is or what their favorite meal to make for friends and family would be. They also love relaxing in water so talk about their favorite beaches or how they enjoy to escape.

  • LEO

-Leo’s love being admired. Talk about them. You should ask where they enjoyed taking vacations and what their favorite materialistic things are. Know about fashion and latest trends. They’re also super into theater. You can inquire about their favorite show to see or most memorable ensemble in a Broadway show.


-Virgos are very analytical people so getting them to open up emotionally or might be a little hard at first.


-Your Libra loves Harmony. The scales on the Libra mean that they are very objective people that would have an interesting stance to any topic. Talk to them about criminal cases to political landscapes and they’ll gladly give you their opinion.


-Your Scorpio has all the answers and all the facts. You can probably bring in the most obscure subject and they’ll know whether or not you’re telling the truth about it or even just facts of the obscure subject. They love being right so if you want to take an opposing stance on a particular topic might cause very interesting conversation.


-The outdoors also gives them a great sense of freedom which they love. Ask about their love for the outdoors and why they love it so much.


-Talk about their favorite family memory or certain traditions that they have. They also love music so talk to them about what their current favorite song is.


-Aquarius love to talk about the causes that they are currently fighting for. They’re a great listener and enjoy intellectual conversations. They don’t enjoy the small talk. They want to know what makes you tick. They want to know the why to every conversation.


-Pisces really love visual media. Ask about their favorite artwork or even film; things that are tangible to them is very favorited by the Pisces. They’re really hopeful Romantics. Ask about what they hope their partner will embody and why they love romance so much.


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