These Are 10 Signs You’re Stuck In A Textelationship

1. You two text many times a day

You get super excited about receiving his texts throughout the day. You think it’s amazing how much you two communicate.

You take this to be a sign of how many things you have to talk about and believe it to mean that you’ll have many topics to discuss once you actually get together.

The thing is, talking over the phone is very different from talking to each other in person, so keep that in mind.


2. But you never really talk on the phone

You call him and he doesn’t answer. You believe it would be nice to hear his voice and actually get closer to the real thing by talking and not writing your thoughts but he seems to be unavailable for that.

You try calling him to make your relationship take at least that small step but it always goes to voicemail.

Minutes later, he texts you and wants to chat so he’s not in the middle of something, he simply doesn’ want to speak on the phone.


3. He makes no promises to go on an actual date

You suggest meeting him in person and he actually seems happy to do that.

BUT if you look closer, you will notice that he never really promises anything.

He uses undefined words such as ‘could’ or ‘maybe’. He never really makes any concrete plans about your future dates.

He stalls and always lets you believe he’ll be in touch with you IF he’s available for a date.


4. And if he does, he doesn’t keep his word

It seems like he’s very much into you. You actually get him to make plans for a date but he cancels. This cycle repeats over and over.

You believe that this texting period is just one small step toward the real relationship that you’re moving to but you should know that it will never happen.

A textelationship is all you’re getting with this guy, I’m sorry..


5. You’re not friends on social media

You know he has social media accounts but you’re not friends on them.

He doesn’t add you and you’re not really sure whether you should add him.

Not only does he block you out from his real world, he blocks you out from his social media world too. Texting is all you get.


6. Your relationship resembles a long-distance relationship

He lives in the same city but everything about your relationship screams long-distance.

You never really see each other and everything you share is over texts.

No matter what happens, like a birthday or any other important event, you still just text, as if he was living far, far away.

Even your friends are under the impression that he lives in another city or country and you feel embarrassed telling them he lives nearby.


7. You chat about the most intimate details

It might make you feel good for a while because you’ll believe that his interest in your thoughts and attitudes about things means that he’s ready to develop a deeper, more intimate connection with you.

Sadly, this isn’t the case because if that were true, why do you still feel like you need so much more from him?


8. You get texting anxiety

What if he stops texting you all of a sudden? What would stop him?

You make no commitments to each other. Heck, you almost never even see each other.

If he hasn’t tried to make this relationship something more than it is right now, he’s obviously fine with just texting you.

If he wanted to give you a more important role in his life, he’d have done so by now.


9. You’re constantly thinking about the dates you have had

You maybe had a couple of amazing dates with him before your textelationship started.

In your mind, you’re holding on to those dates, thinking that if you bear with him for a while, there will be more of those.

The thing is, if a lot of time has passed and you two haven’t been on a date, it’s time to call it quits. Nothing more than texts is coming your way, believe me.


10. It seems like he’s a part of your life but he’s really not

It seems like you know everything about his life, his friends and family and he knows yours.

No matter what you’re doing and no matter where you go, he’s always there with you, within arm’s reach. But is he really?

If it feels like you’re investing a lot into this relationship and getting nothing out of it, it’s time to break it off.

You can never really be sure what he is actually doing when he’s not texting you, and even if you could, isn’t it better to free your time and energy for someone willing to give you something real?


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