8 Cringeworthy Gestures That Some People Think Are Romantic

You have to surprise your significant other with some romantic gestures every now and then.

That’s how you keep the romance alive, which is very important for a relationship. Every person likes to be surprised with some sweet gesture.

It gives us a special feeling and those instant butterflies in the stomach.

Those gestures – little love affections – help you to show your loved one how much you care for them.

But sometimes, some people exaggerate and come up with a gesture that’s maybe romantic for them, but their significant other finds it creepy and downright cringy.

You should be careful with those gestures – you don’t want to drive your partner away.

I want to help you here, so let’s get into some of the most common cringeworthy gestures to avoid.


1. Oversharing on social media

It’s great that you are proud of your partner and want everyone to know how much you love them, but you don’t need to post each photo of you two on your social media accounts with some lovey-dovey quotes.

Your partner might not like it at all because they might think that you only want to brag about your relationship or want other people to be jealous of your “perfect relationship.”


2. Overdoing it with compliments

Some people are shy and if you shower them with compliments, they don’t know what to do.  They feel uncomfortable because they don’t know how to respond.

If you pay your partner too many compliments, it won’t bring you anything good – just the opposite.

If you exaggerate with compliments, your partner might think that you are not being honest with them.

Give your partner only true and sincere compliments.


3. Visiting unexpectedly

Even if you are in a relationship, you must have respect for your partner’s privacy.

This is especially important if they still live with their parents.

Maybe they are in the middle of family dinner or maybe entertaining some guests.

That’s why if you come unannounced to your partner’s house, their parents might consider you a complete freak.


4. Writing a song for your SO

If you think that it’s super romantic to write a song for your partner and then invite them on a picnic where you’ll play it to them, I have to disappoint you. It’s not.

Maybe it’s romantic in the movies, but in reality, it really isn’t. Your partner won’t say that they didn’t like it, but trust me, they’ll feel awkward.

They won’t know how to respond to your gesture, because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.


5. Jewelry isn’t always the perfect gift

It’s clear to everyone that women like jewelry, but you don’t have to give them jewelry for every Valentine’s Day.

Women like to be surprised with a gift and always giving them the same gift is boring.

Gift them something different the next time, something you made yourself, and you’ll see that they’ll like it more than jewelry.

6. Hiring a plane to write something in the sky

You might think that this is the most romantic thing someone can do for their loved one. It’s not.

It’s too much and too expensive. You can give your SO a much better gift that costs a lot less than that.

If you love a person and that person loves you, trust me, you won’t even have to say it.

You’ll both know. Your actions are the only way to show your partner how much you honestly love them.

7. Surprising your partner with a pet

If your partner didn’t mention to you that he/she would like to have a pet, never buy it for them, no matter how much they like animals.

Pets are a huge responsibility and your partner might not have the time to take care of them, or maybe they are just not ready to take on such a big obligation.

8. Getting a tattoo with your partner’s name

I have to be honest and say that this is the worst gesture of all. You want to show your partner that you are ready for more serious commitment and you make the (wrong) decision to get a tattoo with their name.

By getting a tattoo, you won’t prove anything to them and you’ll just regret the decision afterwards.

Life can be so unpredictable – you never know if you are going to spend your life with that person.

If you ever break up, that tattoo will only be a reminder of your past love and it will most definitely bother your next partner.


Besides, when it comes to tattoo ideas, you can be a lot more imaginative.

Always remember, the best gift you can give to someone is your time.

And the best gesture for your significant one will always be cherishing them and appreciating all the things they do for you.

There is no need for exaggeration. Love is all about the little things and people genuinely appreciate more small gestures.


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