The Right Person Will Never Get You Through Hell Before Happiness

You would never intentionally hurt someone you love, would you?

We often forget that it should be two-way. Someone who really loves you would never hurt you to the point where you felt like you were going through hell.

Someone who truly loves you would never make you strive too hard for the relationship to work. It would not make you doubt yourself or make you feel less worthy.

You shouldn’t feel like you’re constantly knocking on a brick wall because you give everything you have and you get almost nothing in return.

Love shouldn’t make you suffer. He shouldn’t make you cry. Love shouldn’t be so hard. At least not with the right person.

When you’re with the right person, you have your share of problems, it’s true. It is not all pink and rainbow.

But their words are never meant to hurt you. They don’t demean you or insult you.

They don’t play mind games, and they don’t act like the problems between the two of you don’t concern them.

They are facing the problems now and right away. It doesn’t let you go to bed angry.

They discuss what is in question until everything is settled and in order. They can’t stand to see you upset, especially when they made you angry.

They’re not perfect, and neither are you. You two are going to make mistakes, and that is normal and natural.

You may not always be on the same page, but the difference is that with the right person, you will always find solutions.

You will forgive yourself. You will have understanding, and you will find yourself halfway.

You will make things work because your love will be more powerful than the obstacles you encounter on the road.

When you are with the right person, you feel like heaven is on earth.

They will always add to your happiness. They will always cover your back. They will be there for you. They will show you that love must flow from its flow.

They will show you that you are easy to love because you are made for them, and they would never want to change anything in you.

Love will flow between you without you having to strive. They will send messages and call, because they will feel like they are missing something if they haven’t heard from you for a long time.

They will take time for you – even when they don’t have one – because they are attracted to you like a magnet. They want to feel your presence.

They need your hugs, your kisses and your tenderness. They want to watch you when you talk and fall asleep with you huddled on the couch.

They will have this burning desire in them to make you happy, and they will do everything they can without even thinking just to put a smile on your face.

Once you are loved by the right person, you will feel inspired, and you will finally realize that you can achieve whatever comes into your head.

When you are loved in the right way, you become the best version of yourself, and nothing can stop you.

You will finally see that love is not constantly worry and stress because the other person treats you badly. Love is not made up of sleepless nights, unanswered messages and fear of betrayal.

Love is feeling safe in the arms of the right person. Love is to be happier than sad.

Love is being able to breathe easily because there is no room for drama and emotional chaos.

The right person will show you what true love is and how easy it is to be happy when you are with them.

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