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The Most Flirtatious Zodiac Sign, Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Some individuals can make everything they claim audio simply a little bit flirtatious, while others are happy to stay in their shells. Everyone has various personality types, but suppose your astrological indication had something to do with it, as well? Next time someone starts batting their eyes at you, you’ll understand if it actually suggests something or if it’s just in their nature to find on solid. Maintain checking out to see which zodiac sign is one of the most flirty, from somewhat more welcoming to full-on tease.


Hint astrologer and bestselling writer Marion Williamson state that Aquarius can be incredibly flirty without even understanding it. And if you have ever before hung around with an Aquarius you recognize that’s true. “Super-friendly Aquarius doesn’t realize they’re flirting since they simply think they’re getting along,” she claims. “This inquisitive star sign needs to know every little thing concerning you, which can feel flattering, but their undivided interest is made to please their curiosity.” So, the next time this social indicator connects, keep in mind that they may be oblivious to the charming nature of their concerns.


Sagittarius indicators enjoy their liberty and also are infamous for pushing the envelope, which implies a lot of them like to shamelessly flirt. “More Captain Neanderthal than Jane Austen, there’s nothing refined regarding Sagittarius’ strategy to flirting,” states Williamson. “This elegant, awkward star sign takes every little thing too much.” In the wild, this sign has a tendency to stick their foot in their mouth as well as blurt out exactly what’s on their mind but “they’ll regret their passion when they find themselves on a date with their ideal pal’s daddy,” she adds. This behavior can typically show up repulsive to several of the quieter signs.

Therapist, as well as astrologer Lauren Donelson, concurs: “Sagittarians can strike up a flirtation with virtually any individual. Their broad knowledge base and love of journey make them a prime prospect for among the most flirty indications.”


Leos love getting lots of interest, which they indulge in while flirting with somebody– and also it does not always matter what their target is. “Leo hungers for love as well as attention like fire needs oxygen, and teasing makes them feel they’re the facility of other people’s globes,” claims Williamson. “Similar to their judgment planet the Sun, Leos radiate heat, imagination, and also love. However, when no one is playing with them, their light fades.”
Leos require that adoration, but like various other indications, it’s possible that their flirting does not imply much. Donelson includes, “If a Leo detects they might have the possibility to be admired, opportunities are they’ll turn up the beauty.”


Aries is popular for being spontaneous as well as enthusiastic, which makes them popular flirts. “Enthusiastic, impulsive Aries doesn’t know just how to keep back when they like someone,” says Williamson. Since Aries is ruled by Mars, one of the planets related to libido, this fire indicator “feels flirty and to life when they obtain an opportunity to display their talents or be in charge,” includes Donelson. So, next time you’re attempting to flirt with an Aries, request a quick explainer to get them going.


Geminis are known for being social butterflies, which can translate into particular flirtatiousness with everyone around them. It doesn’t always suggest they’re interested. Rather, they might be seeking a little bit of safe fun.

According to Williamson, Geminis are all talk. “Even if they don’t truly expensive somebody they’ll persuade you and all your good friends that they do,” she says. Their fun, flirty nature additionally comes with a warning, which you could be well acquainted with if you’ve ever dated this indicator. Williamson adds, “Geminis like playing games because they’re so creative, and also if you have ever been heartbroken by a smooth-talking Gemini you’ll know that skill can splash into their love lives.”


Libras are infamous teases and are one of the most flirtatious zodiac signs. If you’re pals with a Libra or aiming to start a relationship with one, you’ve likely discovered just how direct they are. That converts to their flirtation style, too.

“Libra is the flirtiest as well as most enchanting star sign because they hate battle of any kind of kind, and also will certainly butter you as much as keeping the peace,” claims Williamson. “They generally see the very best in every person, however since they count on others to provide a feeling of their identification. They flex the reality till they see what they want in individuals.” It’s something that can make them a bit manipulative.

At the end of the day, no person loves flirting greater than a Libra.

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