The more you play with her, the faster she will lose interest

Girls who run after you when you try to run away from them.

There are girls who will go crazy with you, as soon as you do the hard part.

Girls who are excited that they have to compete with other women to get your attention and who are ready to do whatever it takes for you to choose them.

Girls who love drama and pursuit.

There are girls who don’t care about wasting their energy trying to get to the bottom of your personality.

Girls who love guys who act mysteriously and in secret.

Girls who get excited when they need to decipher your contradictory signals and who are ready to read between the lines to try to understand each of your words and each of your actions.

However, that one is different.

First and foremost, you would be wrong to call her a girl .

She is a mature woman who knows what she wants and who is not ready to settle for less.

A self-sufficient woman who has standards that she will not lower for anyone.

An independent woman who doesn’t need you to be complete.

She doesn’t give a damn about the modern date rules.

She doesn’t like playing games or ignoring guys to get their attention.

So if you try to lead her by boat, if you try to confuse her head, she will certainly not like you any more.

You will probably not succeed in driving her crazy about you, and she will certainly not run after you.

Instead, you will end up getting just the opposite.

You risk chasing it.

The longer she has to wait for you to reply to her message and call her, the farther she will go.

No, she won’t ask where you are and she won’t send you a second text.

On the contrary, it will make him want to let go – and make him lose the urge to contact you again.

No, she’s not going to expect you to be the one calling every time her phone rings.

She will block your number and forget that you were part of her life.

You will make her lose more and more interest each time she feels that you are treating her as a second choice and a back-up plan.

Whenever you go and compare her to other girls and each time you make her feel that she is not enough.

You will lose more and more hold on this girl every time you try to hide her from the rest of the world.

Whenever you call to go out after midnight.

Whenever you avoid presenting it to your friends.

Her desire will go down a little more each time you sneak out of her house after sleeping with her and each time you refuse to take her to a real date.

You will chase it a little more each time, when you cancel plans, and you do not place it first.

What did you expect ?

How would she support the fact that you disappear and return to her life whenever you want?

Well, think about it again, because you couldn’t be more wrong.

The more time this girl spends waiting for you to regain consciousness, the more determined she will be to get away from you.

You see, just because this girl likes you doesn’t mean she’ll beg for your love.

This does not mean that she is ready to support all your bullshit and that she will remain silent about all your misdeeds.

This does not mean that she will allow you to treat her as you see fit or that she will appreciate your bad behavior.

Above all, that doesn’t mean she’ll be your ego booster – someone you can call whenever you want, just to prove to you that you’re manly enough to seduce any girl.

So if you are even thinking about playing mind games with her, move on to the next victim because you are not going to do anything with this woman.

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