She is a girl who is completely independent. She doesn’t want to play with you because it doesn’t interest her and she doesn’t have the time. She has her own schedule to manage and she won’t take care of your obligations.

She will answer your calls and texts as soon as possible. She’s not the kind of girl who will call you immediately after texting you if you haven’t answered.

She is happy with herself and does not need a man to feel complete.

She will listen to you when you speak. She will be there for you if you have a problem. You can count on her because she considers you both equal.

She will not depend on you and she will never let you depend on her. She doesn’t need a boyfriend, she needs a partner.

When you find a girl like that, who used to be alone, it will be the best relationship of your life. She does not need to be reassured. She doesn’t need to hear how beautiful she is, because she knows it.

She doesn’t need to hear that she’s doing a good job, because she knows that too. She is completely independent and you can be proud of her.

You should go out with a girl who knows her fair value, a girl who puts herself in the foreground. She has already found herself in situations where she put everyone before her, and she got burned.

She realized that people are selfish and that everyone does things for their own benefit. And even if we go out of our way for someone, that does not mean that this person will do the same for us.

In addition, when we need someone to help us, we often turn our backs selfishly, because that person has no interest in helping us.

That’s why now she always puts herself first.

Go out with a girl who knows she’s not perfect. She knows that she still has a lot of work to do on herself, that she needs time to become what she dreams of.

Even when she does, she will not be completely satisfied, because she thinks there is always room for improvement. And that doesn’t frustrate her – it makes her ambitious because she wants to become the best version of her that could exist.

Go out with a girl who doesn’t need you, but who knows you’re there for her no matter what. She knows you will be her shoulder to cry, if she needs it. She knows she can count on you if she feels bad.

She will ask you for advice when she needs it. There will be no secrets between you, because she will say aloud everything that comes into her head and ask questions about what she wants.

The best relationship of your life will be with a woman who knows she can’t do it all by herself. Go out with a girl who is not afraid to ask you for help, because she is aware that she is not all-powerful and that people are not made to live alone and spend their lives like that.

We all need love and support, no matter how strong. Go out with someone who is not afraid to admit these things, someone who is not stubborn and too proud.

Go out with the one who doesn’t pretend to be brave more than she is. Who is not afraid to admit that certain things scare him.

She won’t contradict you if you want to be brave in her place. She will make a place for you in her life, because she trusts you, and that, because she trusts herself first of all.

Go out with a girl who knows her priorities. Go out with her because she accepts herself as she is. Go out with someone who is happy with themselves. And you will be happy too.

Be with someone who will inspire you to be better. Someone who will make you want things and make you build something.

Go out with someone who will encourage you to make your dreams come true. Going out with a girl who doesn’t have a need for you, because seeing everything she can do on her own, you’ll want to do the same.

Go out with someone who doesn’t need you because she won’t want to change you. She will have accepted you as you are, because she does not intend to change either. She knows all your faults and your fads and she knows how to live with them.

She is not spiteful and she knows how to forgive. She is aware that anything you do wrong could happen to her too. She promised to love you and she will not back down.

The best relationship of your life will be with a girl who does not need you, because she will love you unconditionally and will not ask for anything in return. She will let you be yourself, because it is this version of you that she fell in love with.

Be with someone like her because no one will love you like that, and missing out on that love would be the worst mistake of your life.

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