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The 4 Zodiac Signs That Need To Reevaluate Their  Standards


You need to stop confusing toxicity for passion. You need to stop assuming a relationship is exciting when it’s filled with arguments and uncertainty. You don’t need someone who gives you butterflies. You need someone who gives you consistency. Someone you can rely on. Someone who isn’t going to cancel plans at the last second and leave you waiting weeks for a text. Throughout the rest of 2020, you need to stop settling for people who send mixed signals and make you play guessing games. You need to raise your standards. You need to stop accepting pain as an average part of your relationship.


You need to start putting yourself first. You need to start acting selfish. You need to stop caring more about the happiness of others and start focusing on your own happiness for a change. Staying with someone in order to spare them the pain of a breakup doesn’t make you a good person. The right thing to do would be to break it off now, before the other person grows even more attached to you. Give them time to find someone new. Give yourself time to search for what you really want, for what really makes you smile. As hard as it is to admit, your sacrifices aren’t noble. They’re unfair to the person you’re stringing along and they’re only making you miserable. That’s why, in 2020, you need to stop playing the martyr and do what you want.



You need to stop pushing everyone away. Stop coming up with reasons to turn others down. Stop being so damn picky. Yes, you deserve someone who is good enough for you — but you shouldn’t assume every single person on the planet is beneath you. You need to be more open-minded. Love means taking risks. Love means exposing your heart. And you haven’t been doing that lately. You’ve been emotionally shut down. You’ve been avoiding people, trying not to get too close to anyone, and that’s going to backfire on you. Your standoffishness isn’t going to protect you. It’s only going to make you more lonely, more scared, more miserable. If you want to make the most of 2020, then you need to open yourself up to love for a change.


You need to stop chasing after people who aren’t treating you with the same amount of respect you’ve been giving them. You need to stop sending the first text. Planning the dates. Putting in all the effort. It isn’t your responsibility to get them to pay attention to you. If they felt as strongly as you do, then they would naturally give you the attention you’ve been craving. And if they just won’t give you that attention, you have to stop thinking something is wrong with you. Some people don’t work together and that’s okay. In 2020, you need to say goodbye to people you’re crushing on, even though you have history with them, even though you have your heart set on ending up with them. You need to finally move on.


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