Sweet Things to Say to a Lady – 50 Ways to Make Her Smile

Not all guys are exactly romantic or know the right things to say to make a girl swoon. There is a supreme difference between what a woman wants to hear and what she doesn’t—a fine line to walk. If you come on too strong, you will be labeled cheesy. If you don’t ever say anything nice, then you probably won’t score any points. So, what are the sweet things to say to a girl and make her swoon?

Despite what most men think, not all women want to hear about how lovely their body parts are. They especially don’t want to hear how they aren’t like other girls. What’s wrong with other girls anyway?

Why you should say sweet things to her

Saying sweet things to a girl isn’t just about scoring points or getting her bed. If that’s how you see it, she will see right through you.

Saying sweet things to a girl is about opening up and sharing your feelings. Be a little bit vulnerable, and it will pay off if she is the right one for you.

Sweet things to say to a girl

A girl wants to know that you want her, but not too much. She wants to know you think she is beautiful, not just her boobs.

I know it sounds super confusing, but she will see that as long as you are sincere. Try these sweet things to say to a girl, and you may be surprised how well they work out.

1. I remember the minute I first laid eyes on you.

2. I knew you were the one from day one.

3. You’re stunning.

4. I am so in love with you.

5. I feel bad for the poor men who won’t ever have you.

6. Meeting you made my life worth it.

7. I finally know what love is.

8. I like my friends. I adore you.

9. If I could’ve made one person be with me for eternity, it would have been you.

10. I work all day to make it home to you.

11. Your smile makes my heart soar.

12. You have this way about you that makes everything all better.

13. You are my everything.

14. They say there is no such thing as perfect, but you make me wonder.

15. How did I get so lucky to find you?

16. I am grateful every day that I get to look into your eyes.

17. I’m not a romantic, but because of you, I believe in fate.

18. You are like oxygen to my heart. I can’t live without you.

19. You are gorgeous even when you’re hungover/sick/etc.

20. I love you not despite your quirks but because of them.

21. My life was black and white until I met you and found color.

22. You run through my mind all day.

23. I want to spend the rest of my life making you happy.

24. I never believed in soul mates until I ran into you.

25. I want to be with you until we are old and gray.

26. If our children look like you, they are going to be gorgeous.

27. I never knew how much I could love someone until I met you.

28. I love the way you love me.

29. Let’s do this!

30. I know saying I love you could get old, but my love for you never will.

31. I hope your day was as spectacular as you are.

32. You are my best friend and greatest love, all wrapped into one.

33. I want to do the dishes *a The Break-Up reference*.

34. Settling down with you would be anything but settling.

35. When I look into your eyes, it is like I can see my heart reflected.

36. You mean the world to me.

37. Things are no fun if you aren’t included.

38. There are times when you literally just take my breath away.

39. Sometimes, I just can’t stop staring at your beautiful face.

40. You make me laugh in a good way.

41. I never thought I could feel this way.

42. I feel like my whole life has led up to this moment with you.

43. Take my hand and never let go.

44. Be gentle. You’ve taken my heart and soul forever.

45. There isn’t anyone else I would rather be with.

46. If I had to do it all over again, I would choose you every time.

47. Your smile is magical because it makes my heart stop.

48. All I want to do is be the best man in the world for you.

49. How do you make beauty look so easy?

50. Brains and beauty all wrapped in one? You are the perfect gift.


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