Just how to Postpone Your Period – 10 Effective Ways to Delay the Circulation

We’ve all been in those moments where everything is going perfectly, almost as if it’s too good to be true. Well, from experience, it usually is. This is when your period decides to show up and bless you with her presence. Now, any other day, you wouldn’t care or wonder how to delay your period, you’d take a pad or tampon and carry on with your day. But not today. You cannot get your period today.

How to delay your period

I was heading to Australia and my period was supposed to come on the day I flew. There was no way I was going on a plane for fifteen hours with my period.

So, I tried some of these methods a week or two before my flight. To my surprise, my period didn’t come. Well, it came later. You should know that in advance, your period will come, it always does. So, if you just want to learn how to delay your period, well, try some of these methods out.

At some point in time, you’re going to want to pause it.

#1 Know when your next period is. Before you even attempt to delay your period, know when to expect your next period. In general, use a period tracking app or write down when your periods are. Then, you’ll foresee when your next period is.

If you’re irregular, you probably won’t be able to figure when your next period is. But if you track it, you may be able to take an educated guess.

#2 This shouldn’t be a monthly event. Your period is a part of nature. All women have periods, it’s a sign your reproductive organs are healthy and everything functions as it should.

So, if you just don’t want to have a period at all, well, join the club. Who honestly wants to bleed every month? But, that is the way it is. Don’t fill yourself up with prescriptions to get rid of it, embrace your period.

#3 But, if you want, you can use the pill. Birth control is always an option to help you control your periods. Now, personally, I’m against birth control due to the hormones put into your body. However, if you use, that’s your choice, so, no judgement.

Most birth control pills come with 21 active pills *containing hormones* and seven inactive pills *placebo pills*. The inactive pills allow you the seven days for you to have a period. If you want to delay your period, instead of taking the inactive pills, take the active ones until the event is finished.

#4 Another prescription option. If you’re not into taking birth control, but you would like a prescription to delay your period, you can get your doctor to prescribe you norethisterone.

It’s a progesterone hormone tablet which you take three times a day, during the days leading up to your period. Progesterone levels in your body drop when you have your period, so, instead, this pill helps to keep those levels high.

#5 Workout. Though this isn’t 100%, you’ll get fit in the process of trying to delay your period. Usually, when you place physical stress on your body, it helps to hold off the bleeding for a couple of days. So, if you need to buy some time, a couple days, start running—fast.

#6 Live with another woman. Now, if you don’t live with a woman, you’re probably not going to move in for a couple days to sync your cycles. But, you should know, that women who live together typically sync hormonal cycles. So, if you started living with a woman, count on the fact your period will change.

#7 Losing or adding the pounds. Cheeseburgers, you say? The University of Michigan Health System states that weight loss or weight gain alters hormonal levels in the body. So, since your period is ruled by hormones, it changes if you add or lose a couple pounds. But don’t do this over a two-day period, it won’t work.

#8 No spicy food. This is true, stay away from anything spicy before your period. Spicy foods boost your blood’s flow and promote your menstrual cycle. So, if you’re used to eating spicy foods and you have a wedding coming up on the day of your period, cut the spice. When I mean spice, I mean garlic, black pepper, chilies—literally, anything spicy.

#9 Gram lentils. I know this is an old wives’ tale, but for the most part, it actually works. It’s been shown that eating a specific diet alters your period, either increasing or decreasing it.

Gram lentils are a great way to postpone your period from coming. Eat it on a daily basis before your scheduled period. You can fry them or grind them into a powder, it really doesn’t matter how you eat them, just as long as you do.

#10 Drink that water. People usually think that by not drinking water, it starves your period. Listen, the blood comes whether you drink water or not. But, your period can actually be heavier and complicated. So, drink a lot of water. Not only will it help you have a regular cycle, but you’ll have a lighter cycle.


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