Stunning Women – How to Attract Their Attention and Win Them Over

All men want to be able to get the attention and date gorgeous women. I mean, that’s the dream for most men. This is neither good nor bad, it just is what it is.

However, for many men, this dream stays just that, a dream. But, you know, dreams do come true. In this case, it’s completely possible to get the attention of a gorgeous woman. You just need to change your strategy, if you even have one.

How to attract the attention of gorgeous women

Remember, gorgeous women are women. They’re not some elite human being. It’s time to take them off the pedestal that you’ve placed them on and focus on getting their attention. These women are attainable, you just must learn how to attain them.

You can do it, I know you can.

#1 Go for her. If she’s eyeing you at the bar or club, go for her. Gorgeous women don’t make those cues very often, but when they do, that’s your window of opportunity. You need to jump on that. If not, she won’t give you a second chance. So, if you want her, fight for her—not until death though.

#2 Remove your inner creep. Yeah, we all have that inner creep inside of us, it’s normal. But get rid of it or just hide it deep down inside of you.

If you want to date a gorgeous woman, you need to control your inner creep. She’s seen many creeps, and obviously since she’s single, she didn’t choose any of them.

#3 Know what you want. If you talk to a gorgeous woman and you snag a date, arrange the time and place. Don’t give her the option to choose. Show her you have a plan and know what you want. If she wanted to plan the first date, well, she would choose to stay home instead.

#4 You’re not desperate. You’re not desperate, you’re not desperate. Say that to yourself before you leave your house in the morning. You aren’t desperate.

Women in general, including hot women, smell a desperate man a mile away. And what do they do? They run. Women run away from desperate men. They don’t want someone who’s going to be clingy, they want a man.

#5 Be creative. Gorgeous women have a lot of guys chasing after them, don’t kid yourself. If you ask her for a coffee, well, I personally think you can do better than that. No, you don’t have to take her to Mexico for your first date, but you can be a little more creative. They want to be wowed.

#6 Don’t be easy. If she’s hot and into you, she probably wants to sleep with you—which is awesome. I mean, that is the goal. But you don’t have to have s*x with her right away.

Women routinely make men wait, so why can’t you make her wait? She’ll probably be surprised. In fact, intrigued by the fact that you’re not trying to jump in her pants right away.

#7 Be a gentleman. I know women like assholes, and it’s true, we do. But we don’t like men who are degrading and rude. The asshole factor is because they present us with trying to get something we can’t have—a relationship.

But don’t be the asshole. Be a gentleman. Sure, it may take you a bit longer to meet someone, but you’ll meet someone who likes you for you.

#8 Look how you feel. Looks aren’t important, but they are. They’re the first thing people see, so if you still rock the Eminem look, maybe it’s time you updated yourself a bit. You want to feel good about yourself before you go out to meet women. Have confidence in knowing that you look hot, so you won’t hesitate to approach them.

#9 Have some mystery. You need to have a little mystery, I mean, don’t tell her you just lost your job today. Save that for the third date. People tend to share themselves right away, which isn’t bad, but you don’t have to do that. Take some time and conceal a part of yourself that you’ll share later. No, I don’t mean your dick.

#10 Focus on conversation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male model or not—gorgeous women aren’t necessarily needing you to have a six-pack. Instead, your goal shouldn’t be to swoon her with your smile or eyes.


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