Stop Lying To Yourself: If He Doesn’t Treat You Right Today, He Will Never Do It

You believe there is good in everyone. You believe that your love is all-powerful, that it can change and heal those who need to be saved.

You are an optimistic girl who believes that tomorrow will be a better day, even if the chances are that it is not.

You believe that things always end up in one way or another.

And this is particularly the case in the context of your * relationships. Even if everyone keeps telling you that your boyfriend is not good enough for you, you choose to ignore them.

But in addition, you also choose to ignore your intuition and that little voice in your head that tells you that it never deserved you and never will.

So, despite the way he treats you, you still hope he will change.

You hope that one-day things will work out naturally and that he will turn into the man you always wanted him to be.

That one day he will realize how important you are to him; that he will realize all the harm he has done to you and thus – he will begin to treat you differently.

That he will begin to regret systematically breaking your heart and that he will finally take responsibility for his actions.

That one day he will understand all the mistakes he has made and that he will do everything in his power to remedy them.

I know you want things to work out with this man. I know you want your relationship to work and you hope it changes.

However, all this does not allow you to lie to yourself. This does not allow you to be blind to the truth and to continually seek excuses for this man’s behavior.

It doesn’t justify the fact that you’re lying to yourself just to be able to stay with him.

And yet, this is exactly what you are doing. You live in a lie and you are mistaken, believing that this man will eventually change.

You refuse to face the truth and see it as it really is. You refuse to accept the fact that things will never be different and that he will never, as if by a miracle, become the man of your dreams.

No, he’s not going through a rough patch – that’s the real guy. No, it’s not a phase – things will always be like that between you, unless you end this relationship.

So please stop lying to yourself. Stop waiting for a change that will never come and accept the reality, however difficult and painful it may be.

Please stop seeing life in pink and finally see the true face of this man. Understand that he will never treat you as you deserve and that he will never give you the love you need.

Let’s be honest – most of the time this man behaves as if he doesn’t really care about your relationship.

He treats you like a second choice, he doesn’t give you the place you deserve in his life and he doesn’t respect you as he should.

Most of the time, this man treats you like he doesn’t care about you. So why don’t you start believing in what you see?

When will you stop harboring false hopes? When will you stop waiting for him to wake up and give you the love, the attention you need?

What does he have to do so that you stop giving him a second chance, so that you stop believing his promises in the air and put your life on hold, while waiting for him to change?

What do you need to understand that if he doesn’t treat you the way he should today, chances are he never will?

If he makes no effort for your couple today, chances are he will never do it. If he doesn’t love you enough today, it won’t change in the future.

Please stop telling yourself that one day he will wake up and suddenly become aware of things.

to wait until he realizes what you are really worth and starts to appreciate everything you give him because it will never happen.

Please don’t waste more time and effort on someone who clearly doesn’t deserve you.

No, pack your bags and abandon his false excuses to the past, where they belong. Trust me – it will be the best decision of your life.

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