Should We Break Up? 10 Indicators You’re Previous the Moment Of Truth

Relationships are never easy. Anything involving two people is a challenge. When you’re in a relationship you never really know what the other person thinks. However, through actions, you see when someone isn’t feeling the relationship and thinking, should we break up?

Should we break up? 10 ways to find your own answer

Who said breaking up was easy? But there are signs. I love to analyze which usually bites me in the ass. But now I see the signs a mile away. Remember, you also have to see the signs within yourself as well.

So, if you’re asking yourself, should we break up? Ask yourself why that question keeps popping up.

#1 The communication died. There is no communication between you. Your partner has a Christmas party tonight? You didn’t even know. Yeah, well, it’s not because they forgot to tell you. Well, they did, but that’s because they don’t feel the need to tell you. It’s not like they want you to go with them.

#2 No more s*xy time. If there’s no more s*x, you’ve transitioned into the brother and sister phase of the relationship, or as I like to call it roommates. You’re now roommates that occasionally look at each other while eating dinner. That’s it.

Don’t get me wrong, couples experience phases; however, at some point you must ask yourself—is this a phase or a permanent transition?

#3 You find more amusement staring at a lamp. If you find more happiness feeding the pigeons on your balcony, it’s time to sit down and evaluate your relationship. Relationships have their downs, but they’re supposed to make you feel joy and happiness. If you gain nothing positive from the relationship, take a close look at it.

#4 You fight over minimal things. Yeah, yelling at your partner because they left the ketchup bottle out is obviously hiding a deep issue. Examine what causes you two to bicker with each other.

#5 You stop thinking about the future. You used to talk about moving in together. Now that’s a topic that never comes up. What happened to the goals you made together? Without mutual goals, how will the relationship progress?

#6 No more touching. People go through a dry patch in the bedroom, but still maintain affection. When your partner stops hugging you or holding your hand, something is wrong. Affection is necessary for a relationship.

#7 Your eyes wander. Listen, I acknowledge a good-looking guy when I see one. However, I’m not slipping him my number or giving him mad eye contact if I’m in a relationship. I don’t need him. However, if you are, then you’re clearly looking for something new.

#8 Therapy isn’t working. You’ve done couples counseling and everything your therapist tells you to do goes in one ear and out the other. Relationships are hard work, so if you’re not willing to put the work in, maybe they’re not worth it enough for you.

#9 You’re unfaithful. If you’ve cheated on your partner, you need to ask yourself why. The phrase, once a cheater, always a cheater, is something I don’t believe in. There are numerous reasons why people cheat. It may be they aren’t the right one for you.

#10 It’s the blame game. When you fight, neither of you takes ownership for your side of the fight. This shows immaturity in your lack of taking responsibility. Now, your partner is also guilty of this. If you blame each other constantly, this is not a mature relationship.


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