Should I Break Up With My Sweetheart? 10 Indicators It’s Time to Finish It

Relationships are difficult sometimes. You may think you’re happy only to wake up one day completely confused as to why you’re even with that person. If you’re a girl who keeps thinking, should I break up with my boyfriend, you probably want some answers.

Ending a relationship isn’t an easy thing to do. You may have to think long and hard about it for a while before doing it. But how do you know if it’s time to end things?

Signs of an unhealthy relationship

A huge reason people take so long to end relationships is because they don’t know how they’re supposed to be treated. We women sit and think we’re being treated perfectly only to feel like crap and we don’t know why. That’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

Women like to feel justified in the reasons they end a relationship. We like to look for certain things that we can use when ending it. This is so we don’t look like the bad guy. But sometimes there isn’t a specific reason. Sometimes you just aren’t happy and don’t love your boyfriend.

#1 You’re just unhappy. If you’re suddenly feeling like your life is missing something and you’re unhappy in general, it could be your relationship.

Instead of being a positive thing in your life, it may have turned into something worse. It could be something that’s holding you back and stopping you from doing what you love. If that’s it, dump him.

#2 You can no longer see a future with them. This is a major reason you should break up with your boyfriend. If you have stopped seeing a future with him, it’s for a reason. Even if you can’t pinpoint that reason, the lack of a future is enough to break up with him. And sometimes this just happens at random. Either way, you need to address this issue.

#3 Your relationship isn’t progressing. Relationships are meant to grow and become something wonderful over time. Sure, it won’t always be growing and getting better, but if you seem to be stuck with that person in a very early stage, it’s time to move on.

#4 You find yourself thinking about dating other people. If your mind is filled with, “what ifs” and different possibilities and futures with men other than your boyfriend, then you need to do some thinking. It probably means you know your partner isn’t right for you and it’s time to end the relationship. This is your intuition speaking to you. Listen to it!

#5 You’re not being treated right. Is your boyfriend treating you how you deserve? If the answer is no, then you need to break up with him. It’s that simple.

#6 You don’t miss your boyfriend when he’s gone. If you’ve recently been apart for a while and you just don’t seem to miss him at all, it could be a sign it’s time to end the relationship.

However, don’t mistake this for being confident and comfortable with him not being around 24/7. The point is, you should still want to see and be with your significant other and if you don’t, something is really wrong.

#7 You don’t care to talk to them much anymore. I know the beginning of the relationship is filled with lengthy conversations because you’re getting to know each other. But even after the honeymoon phase, you should still enjoy talking to your boyfriend.

#8 They annoy you more than they make you happy. If every little thing they do annoys you – especially if it used to be cute and endearing – it’s time to break it off. This shows that you’re not compatible and they’ll only end up irritating you more as time goes on.

#9 You no longer share the same values and beliefs. It’s not as if people completely change their values and beliefs, but if you find that over time you’ve discovered certain things about their beliefs just don’t line up with yours, it’s time to end it. You can’t build a future with someone who doesn’t believe in the same core values as you. Not successfully, at least.

#10 You can’t be yourself around him. This is the biggest reason to end the relationship. I don’t care if you get along great and he makes you feel loved. If you can’t 100% be yourself with him, you need to end it.


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