The Smart as well as S*xy Lady – 10 Reasons Why She’s the Perfect Catch

Amazing girls are a dime a dozen. And an amazing girl that is exactly what you’re looking for is even more rare. Most men are looking for a girl who will meet their needs, be really cool with everything they do, and bring joy to their lives.
I think that’s what we all want. The problem is that finding all of those things in one person just isn’t all that realistic. However, you can get pretty close. There’s a certain combination of traits that can make pretty much any girl appealing to you, and they’ll bring exactly what you’re looking for into your life. And those girls are both smart and s*xy.
Why you should never settle
Let’s just get one thing abundantly clear, you should never settle in your love life. If you feel as though the person you’re dating is lacking something that you think is vital to making the relationship work *but you’re with them anyways because you don’t think you can do better*, you’re settling.
Settling is really harmful in your love life. Love is supposed to be exciting and monumental. You shouldn’t just feel like, “meh,” when thinking about if your relationship makes you happy. You deserve to be with someone that challenges you, pushes you to new boundaries, and makes you happy.

Reasons you should find a girl who’s smart and s*xy
I’m sure you’re probably picturing a s*xy schoolteacher right now, but that’s not the kind of smart and s*xy I’m talking about. There are women out there who are intelligent, respect themselves, respect you, and have the confidence to make them appear s*xy to anyone.
Those are the kinds of girls I’m talking about when I say you should find someone who is smart and s*xy. If you’re on the hunt for Ms. Right, then here is why you should look for a girl who meets the criteria for smart and s*xy.

#1 She’ll be ridiculously confident. Smart girls are usually really confident already, and that confidence will make her even s*xier. Since she’s both smart and s*xy, she’ll be intelligent enough to know her worth, and that will exude from her in the form of confidence.

#2 No jealousy. Since she is so confident, she won’t really get jealous. I mean, unless you cross a line that justifies her being mad, you won’t have to worry with a crazy jealous girlfriend.
She’s smart enough to know that she’s the and that you’d be stupid to ruin things with her. That will allow her to not overreact during certain times, and it means less stress for you. So, you should find a girl who’s s*xy and smart for this reason.

#3 She’ll call you out on your bullshit. Now, some may see this as a negative, but really, it’s the best thing. Do you really want to be with a girl who will let you walk all over her? That’s boring and usually the type of girl who has no self-esteem.
If you find a girl who is smart and s*xy, she will not put up with your bullshit. If she thinks you’re lying, she will call you out on it.

#4 She can give great advice. Smart girls are a wealth of knowledge. If you’re going through a tough time with your friends or even need some work advice, having a smart girl will benefit you greatly because she will give you solid and logical advice.

#5 It’s basically the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get a s*xy woman that looks amazing all the time, and on the other hand, she can hold an intelligent conversation and satisfy you both intellectually and physically.

#6 Bragging rights. Don’t you want to bring your girl around your friends and just brag about her accomplishments and the fact that she looks amazing? You can totally do this with a girl who’s smart and s*xy. You can brag about how smart she is and just how incredible-looking she is and make all your friends jealous.

#7 She’ll prefer books over jewelry. And books are much, much cheaper! Smart girls usually like to read and have less of an interest in material objects like jewelry. They know that jewelry doesn’t really mean as much as you buying her a book she’s been pining over for the past month. This will save your wallet hundreds!

#8 She’ll challenge you. This is just a really fun thing to have in a girlfriend, and it can also make you a better person all around. When you have a girl who is both smart and s*xy, this will challenge you to be at her level. She’ll make you think, and also make you salivate at the sight of her.

#9 You’ll learn something from her. You can never learn too much, and if you have a smart girlfriend, you’ll learn a lot of things – and often. By learning new things, you’ll become smarter yourself. And in turn, you’ll become a more well-rounded individual.

#10 You don’t have to entertain her. Smart girls know how to take care of themselves, and this includes being entertained. If you find yourself a smart and s*xy girl, you can breathe easily knowing you don’t have to be talking to her 24/7 in order for her to be happy.



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