Relationship Mistakes That’ll Cost Her The Guy Of Her Dreams, Based On Her Sign

astrMany of us notice that some of our mistakes tend to crop up over and over again whenever we start dating someone new. Things like being too indecisive, blunt, or merely being set in our ways, and other various qualities of ours could pose a hazard to a relationship if we lack the self-awareness to fix our mishaps.

What we may fail to realize, however, is that our sun signs dictate certain qualities that make us tick. While we may scoff and turn up our noses at the thought of astro signs having such a strong pull over our emotions, it’s sometimes eery how accurate astrology can be.

24Libra: A Diplomat, She’ll Bottle Up Her True Emotions Until She Explodes

The scale of the zodiac, the Libra lady is always balanced—sometimes to a fault. Never wanting to rock the boat, she’s always a diplomat, be it in her social or professional circles. Sure, this can come in handy and helps her mediate whatever problems may arise, but she may run into some trouble with bottling up her emotions to the point of bursting.

23Aries: Being Too Intense Very Early On

An Aries lady is absolutely fantastic at sweeping a man off his feet. Her ability to seduce is second to none, and he’ll find her impulsive nature to be alluring and adventurous from the get-go. One to take charge and be in control of her man, she’ll make the first moves and take the reins of the relationship in the early stages.

22Gemini: She Can Be Flakey, To The Point Of Irritation

A flighty Gemini lady can change her mind as quickly as the wind blows and she’s usually excitedly making a million plans and then feeling inundated and bailing on them all. She’s perfect for spontaneity and keeping people on their toes, as dating a Gemini is never a dull moment.

21Capricorn: A Know-It-All, She Doesn’t Think She’s Ever Wrong

The Capricorn girl is a hard worker through and through, a natural born leader and one with fantastic ideas and resolutions. Because she knows she’s got a tremendous work ethic and is excellent at every task she sets out to accomplish, she can sometimes be stuck in her ways and stubborn—not stopping to realize there could be two solutions to a problem.

20Virgo: Very Practical, She Gets Stuck In A Routine, Which Can Come Across As Boring

Over-analytical and rational, the earth sign Virgo is practical about all aspects of her life. Be it home, work, or her love life, the Virgo is a creature of habit who doesn’t like stepping out of her routine. This can come across as boring at times, as her lack of spontaneity can sometimes drive more feisty signs up the wall.

19Pisces: For Such An Emotional Sign, She Keeps Her True Feelings To Herself

Although she wants her feelings reaffirmed all the time and strives to know what her partner thinks, the Pisces girl tends to hold her own cards very close to her heart. Because she values her emotions above all, she doesn’t like sharing with the world sometimes, as she’s too afraid to be hurt. Disliking confrontation more than anything else, a Pisces woman will sometimes remain private merely to maintain peace.

18Taurus: She’s So Stubborn, Compromising Can Be Extremely Difficult

Patient and hard-working, the Taurus girl will make an extremely family-oriented partner who is loyal to a fault. She’s so set in her ways, however, that it also makes her quite stubborn—a quality that’s hard for her to notice or even shake off. This can lead to some arguments, even about the most unnecessary things.

17Scorpio: She Takes Everything A Bit Too Personally

Scorpios are known to be passionate signs. There’s never a dull moment in a relationship as the Scorpio woman is feisty—always keeping her man on his toes. She’s excited about everything she does and says and is a master at getting her point across without showing her true colors all the time.

16Sagittarius: Her Independence Makes Her A Bit Insensitive

The Sagittarius girl has a thirst for adventure and lust for life, one that can’t be squashed. She makes for a spontaneous and fun partner, the perfect travel companion wherever she goes. Independent to her core, she can be perfectly okay spending time by herself as well as wowing in social settings—she’s an entertainer through and through.

15Cancer: Being Clingy Can Be Too Much For Some Men

Much like the symbol of the crab that rules her sign, the Cancer lady can sometimes have a firm, vice-like grip on whoever she’s with. Although this is just her way of showing how much she cares about someone, it can sometimes come across as being a bit too possessive and scare potential suitors away.

14Leo: She Can Tend To Be Vain, And Requires A Lot Of Attention At Times

Leo ladies know their worth and expect to be treated well at all times. They love being doted on with compliments and romantic gestures, and will, in turn, be wholly devoted and loyal, making their partners feel like they’re the most essential things in the world to them.

13Aquarius: She Has A Very Firm Belief System And Has Difficulty Seeing Other Sides To An Argument

An Aquarius has an open mind and is a thinker of the world that is in tune with new and radical ideas. She loves discussing cultural topics and adores intellectual stimulation and will be the perfect partner to have for those who want their minds to flourish. That being said, however, once she has an idea or theory rooted firmly in her mind, it’s simply the way it is, and there’s no use changing it.

12Aries: Sometimes Too Emotionally Vested, She’ll Forget To Pay Attention To Reality

Ruled by her emotions and knowing what she wants and when she wants it, an Aries girl will sometimes stop paying attention to reality in order to achieve what it is she’s after. Usually over-achievers when it comes to their work lives, Aries soften once they fall in love and bring that same intensity to their emotions as they do in their professional lives.

11Scorpio: Sometimes, She Focuses On The Past And Dwells On It

A passionate Scorpio lady never forgets. Always one to remember when she was hurt or when those close to her have been hurt, she will hold a grudge for years. With so much anger that festers inside, she can at times burst—an intense result of her passionate side. She may suffer from regrets on things she didn’t do in the past too, and that, in turn, can make her melancholy as well.

10Virgo: With A Tendency To Overanalyze, The Virgo Lady Can Overwhelm Her Partner

A practical and rational earth sign, the Virgo girl is slow and calculated and loves weighing all options before coming to a conclusion. She’s also very analytical, meaning she takes the time to think about absolutely every different solution or path—even when it comes to her relationships.

9Libra: A Master At Overthinking, It Can Drive Her Partner Crazy

Much how she dislikes rocking the boat, the Libra girl is also a master at overthinking, usually worrying about a million different scenarios and how they’ll affect her long-term. A worrywart to the core, she’s great to have on your side if you need a devil’s advocate or someone to offer advice. For herself, however—and her partner—this can mean never coming to a decision and vocalizing all her worries as they arise.

8Sagittarius: She Can Be A Bit Blunt And Has No Filter While Talking

The life of the party, the Sagittarius girl is energetic and fun, knowing how to entertain all those around her with her tales of adventures and romance. Although this can sometimes be fun when you’re with a group of your closest friends, it can sometimes come across as not having a filter with a loved one.

7Aquarius: A Dreamer At Heart, She Has Trouble Being Empathetic

The Aquarius is a traveler and a dreamer at heart, always daydreaming about different philosophies, cultures, or ideas of the world. Irresistible and social, the Aquarius woman can woo and seduce whomever she wants, truly thriving in social situations. Although she’s great at forming relationships and friendships, she has difficulty empathizing with the feelings of others—something that, when combined with her intellect, can come across as cruel.

6Taurus: She Has Difficulty Being Spontaneous

Since she’s so stubborn and focused on having all the variables in order and plotted out before she begins her day, it’s sometimes hard for a Taurus girl to be spontaneous. While organization is fantastic and being motivated is a quality to strive for, the lack of spontaneity can drive men crazy, as being rigid is another example of a lack of compromise.

5Cancer: She’ll Hide Away And Avoid Confrontation

Surprisingly very similar to the air sign Libra, the Cancer lady is also extremely diplomatic, loathing any form of confrontation. Avoiding it at any cost, she would rather bottle up all her emotions than admit to having a problem that needs to be talked about. Especially when she’s paired with a sign that loves conflict resolution, trying to speak to a Cancer lady and resolve an issue can sometimes prove to be highly tricky.

4Gemini: A Walking Contradiction, She’ll Make It Feel Like She’s Two People In One

A mutable sign, a Gemini girl craves intellectual conversation and mental stimulation above all. Making her man feel that he can talk about anything at all with her, she’ll make him feel comfortable, then with a flip of a switch become downright flighty. Sometimes a walking contradiction, the Gemini lady is extreme, wavering between her highs and lows that are sometimes tough to keep up with.

3Leo: Life Of The Party, Leo Girls Tend To Love Drama, Too

Leo girls love to be the life of the party. Their social skills are absolutely fantastic and they’ll thrive in any sort of party environment, feeding off of the crowd and using it to their advantage. Unfortunately for the Leo woman, she also thrives off of drama, since she’s rich with emotion and loves feeling things to extremes.

2Capricorn: A Disciplined Woman, She’ll Expect Far Too Much From Her Guy

Because of her solid work ethic, the Capricorn lady is disciplined in all aspects of her life, both professional and personal. Always expecting things to be going her way, she can get disappointed if they don’t, feeling like her partner has let her down.

1Pisces: A Sensitive Soul, Her Man Sometimes Must Be Careful To Tread Her Waters With Caution

A Pisces lady is a delicate tulip, a sensitive soul through and through. She loves having her feelings affirmed and adores being doted on, which will, in turn, help her flourish and open up to her partner even more. She demands affection, and will honestly do whatever it takes to keep her man as satisfied as he makes her.



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