10 Things Great Girlfriends Do (+ 10 Ways She’s Actually THE Worst)

When two people date, they’re pretty lovey-dovey at first. As time passes, they open up to each other more and more, but sometimes they’re willing to overlook obvious personality flaws in their partners simply because they’ve been dating for a while. Don’t be that person! If a girl is starting to display some seriously bad personality traits, it’s better to get out than it is to try to make things work. Sure, a guy might try talking to her in hopes of bringing about some sort of change, but if she’s got a lot more than just one unhealthy habit that’s starting to poison the relationship, then bro, she’s gotta go!

Unfortunately, it’s so easy to overlook a romantic partner’s flaws that by the time a guy notices what hers are, they’ve already been together for a while and now he doesn’t know how to confront her or how to back out gracefully.

20She’s The Best: She’s There For Him When He Needs Her

Everyone deserves a partner who will listen to them when they’re down. Some guys might find it difficult to share their emotions, so when he’s ready to talk, a good girlfriend is ready to listen. She doesn’t even have to say anything! Sometimes, the best thing a person can do is simply listen as their boy or girlfriend gets some stuff off their chest.

19She’s Actually The Worst: She’s Too Clingy

It isn’t unusual for a couple to want to be around each other constantly – especially if the relationship is just starting out – but what about that one girlfriend who never lets her man breathe? Giving each other space in a relationship is healthy. It’s important to remember no one likes to be smothered, but if a guy is too nice to say anything at first, she’s not going to realize he’s feeling stressed out.

18She’s The Best: She Isn’t Afraid To Be Goofy With Him

Okay, everyone knows people can be weird sometimes. While it might take a little while for a girl to show her man her fun and crazy side, she will eventually open up and let him see her for who she is. By opening herself up to his possible criticisms, she’s letting him see the real her. Only the best relationships can survive a weirdo showing off her strange habits!

17She’s Actually The Worst: She Stresses Him Out Over Petty Things

She needs to stop being so petty! It’s not her job to freak out over every little thing. Her job is to appreciate him for who he is and to encourage him to be awesome! When the relationship hits a snag here and there, they need to deal with the problem as a couple, then get over it.

16She’s The Best: She Makes Him Feel Loved

Ever heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words?” Well, it’s true. A great girlfriend will make her feelings known by simply being around her guy, encouraging him, complimenting him and acknowledging when he does well. It’s not very hard for a girl in love to show it, especially if she’s familiar with his love languages. However he best feels appreciated and loved, she’s only too willing to express her true feelings.

15She’s Actually The Worst: She’s Quick To Get Jealous

If a girl can’t handle her man talking to another woman, she’s letting her jealousy get the better of her. If she doesn’t act on her jealous tendencies, she’s going to get more and more sour inside, but if she says anything to her man, it’s going to eventually wear him down.

14She’s The Best: She Tells Him What’s On Her Mind

To all the girls in the world: men aren’t mind readers! A woman who pouts and shows that she’s upset does nothing to help him figure out what’s going on! If she’s upset about something, she needs to tell him why. If she’s happy about something, she should share it with him.

13She’s Actually The Worst: She Gets Mad At Him But Won’t Tell Him Why

Similar to the previous section, there’s no reason why a woman should drag her anger out. By not voicing her issues, she’s making her man guess them, and unless he’s straight out of a superhero movie, he’s not going to guess correctly. When a girl leaves her boyfriend guessing, she’s purposely allowing herself to feel angry for a longer period of time. He’s frustrated and has no control over the situation when she’s like this, so it wears on him emotionally.

12She’s The Best: She Wants To Meet His Friends

Guys love to hang out with their friends. After all, it’s all they’d do before they met their girlfriends. He’s not going to want to leave them behind when he starts a new relationship, so the best girlfriends are those who are willing to get to know his friends.

11She’s Actually The Worst: She Always Wants To Be Treated Like A Princess (But Doesn’t Treat Him Like A Prince!)

There’s nothing wrong with a girl wanting to feel a little spoiled every now and then. What makes the princess life a little tiring is when she refuses to treat her man like the prince he is. There’s never a circumstance in which her boyfriend should be the only one placing her on a pedestal – all relationships are give and take.

10She’s The Best: She Has Pics Of Him On Her Social Media

Any girl willing to have him all over her social media is good girlfriend material. She understands the necessity to keep him involved in her everyday life. He can share and see everything she’s up to and she has no secrets to hide from him. She also recognizes that by having him all over her accounts, she’s telling other men she’s taken.

9She’s Actually The Worst: She Refuses To Compromise

Ask anyone: all good relationships are built on compromise. He won’t make plans with friends on date night and she won’t decide where they go every time. The thing about great girlfriends is they make their men feel like equals. They yield to some things and fight for others, as it should be.

8She’s The Best: She’ll Surprise Him With Date Nights

There’s no reason why a man has to always plan the romantic dates. Women know how to up the romance, so why should she hold back and wait for him to make all the plans? One of the best things about great girlfriends is their willingness to leave gender norms behind and take the lead in certain areas of the relationship.

7She’s Actually The Worst: She Expects Him To Pay For Everything (And She Has Expensive Tastes)

Some guys insist on paying for everything, and that’s not a problem for most women. While she may not expect that sort of treatment at first, some relationships are just built this way and she’ll either learn to accept his generosity or she’ll find other ways to repay him.

6She’s The Best: She Makes Him Smile

Some people have such crummy experiences in bad relationships that they forget the joy that comes with a healthy one. All a good girlfriend has to do is help her man smile every now and then. It’s not her job to keep him entertained, but it is her job to have a good time with him.

5She’s Actually The Worst: She Tells Him To ‘Man Up’ When He’s Struggling

Toxic masculinity isn’t something perpetuated solely by men – women who hold unreasonably “masculine” expectations for their boyfriends are also to blame. An example of toxic masculinity would be when a woman tells a man to “man up” when he’s trying to share some difficult feelings. Expecting him to set his feelings aside in the name of “being a man” isn’t just wrong, it’s cruel.

4She’s The Best: She Makes Time For Him In Her Busy Schedule

No matter how crazy her schedule is, a great girlfriend will find a minute to send a text or rearrange her schedule to meet her guy for a meal every now and then. Successful women can be hard to sit down with due to their busy schedules, but if she loves him, she’ll make time to see him.

3She’s Actually The Worst: She Prioritizes Friends Every Time

Women who would rather spend time with their squad than with their man might run into some relationship problems fairly quickly. It’s fine for her to keep up with her social life outside of him, but if she isn’t including him or if she’s constantly blowing him off in favor of meeting up with her friends, something is wrong.

2She’s The Best: She Encourages Him To Follow His Dreams

Sometimes couples need to stand by each other and encourage one another to meet their goals. Even if it means standing by someone for years while they gain experience, try and fail, or have to bide their time in other ways, by choosing to show she believes in her man’s ambitions she’s actually giving him all the encouragement he needs to keep going.

1She’s Actually The Worst: She Thinks Her Opinions Are More Important Than His

Toxic girlfriends include those who try to impose their opinions on their man. She thinks she’s more informed than he is, therefore her opinions carry more weight. She doesn’t care that he’s knowledgeable, she just wants to be the only one who’s “right.” She wants to be heard, even if it means he never is.


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