Not Brought in to Your Hubby – 10 Indications as well as Ways to Deal with It

Everyone knows that attraction plays a big part in any relationship, and is usually the initial reason we end up starting a new one with someone.

Attraction doesn’t have to be purely physical. In fact, for many people, emotional attraction is just as – if not more – important. There are a huge number of factors that can make any one person attractive.

For example, someone making you laugh, being clever, sharing hobbies and interests, and being kind and compassionate are all things that might make you feel attracted to someone. And these things will be more or less important for different people.

Everyone has their flaws, their strengths and weaknesses, and finding someone who ticks all your boxes is a big challenge. It’s also important to remember that our tastes and desires change over time, so while you might be attracted to wild bad boys in your early twenties, you may well find that who you are attracted to a decade later is someone kind, stable, and loyal.

Signs you’re not attracted to your husband

Realizing that you are not attracted to your husband now can feel like a massive problem, and something that you are unable to fix. However, before you throw in the towel, it is first important to recognize the signs that you’re not attracted to your husband, and then figure out what you can do about it.

Let’s take a look.

#1 You think he has let himself go. If you find yourself less physically attracted to your partner because he has put on weight or doesn’t take time or care with his appearance anymore, you could find yourself feeling a little resentful. If can feel insulting if your partner stops making an effort, so this can be a sign that you are not attracted to your husband.

#2 You get irritated more easily by the things he says and does. Find your blood boiling at the smallest things? He tries to make a joke, and you can’t help but think ‘what an idiot?’ If you are starting to find him much more irritating than usual, you are distancing yourself from him, and focusing more on the negatives.

#3 You care less about making an effort around him. If you no longer care whether he finds you attractive anymore, this is a sure-fire sign you’re not attracted to your husband, and that your relationship could be in a bit of hot water. Trying to look your best and caring about your appearance is a way of showing your partner that you care about them. If neither of you bother anymore, it may be that you don’t feel as close as you used to.

#4 You’ve stopped nagging him. If you’ve given up on nagging him and instead just quietly seethe about how lazy/messy/bad with money he is, it shows you are no longer putting your all into the relationship – you are giving up on it because the attraction is no longer there.

#5 The romance is gone. Did you used to go on dates, do cute things together, and have a cuddle on the sofa every night? Now do you watch TV separated at either end in silence? If the romance is dead, it shows you aren’t making time for one another anymore.

#6 You don’t have s*x anymore. Everyone’s s*x life dwindles from time to time, but if s*x is the last thing on your mind, that spark just simply isn’t there anymore.

#7 Things that you used to find cute now annoy you. That little snort when he laughs and his gentle snoring? The things you used to find adorable now totally rub you the wrong way!

#8 You don’t make time for one another. Do you feel like ships passing in the night? If you feel as though you are living separate lives, it could be that something has gone amiss – no matter how busy you are.

#9 You think about divorce. Does divorce cross your mind regularly? If so, your feelings about your husband and relationship have changed, and it’s make or break time. And it’s a huge sign you’re not attracted to your husband.

#10 You look elsewhere. Do you find yourself regularly fantasizing, flirting, or eyeing up other men? You are clearly looking for something you aren’t getting at home.

If one, some, or all of these signs sound like you, then don’t despair! If you are willing to fight for your marriage, and your partner is too, there may be some things you can do about it.



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