Lovesick: 7 emergency tips for heartbreak

Anyone who has ever been unhappy in love or has a separation knows the pain of a broken heart. A time full of torment, suffering and anger, in which the heart desperately needs a thick plaster. But what helps against heartache? With these seven emergency tips for heartbreak, your heart is quickly glued back step by step. Promised!

 7 tips against heartache


1. Mourning helps!

Nothing is worse than what you feel to suppress or eat into yourself. You are sad, angry and feel the heartache deeply in you? Let go of your emotions and cry, scream and sniff what it takes. Dare to be sad and grieve. Because only those who live through this phase can process the separation better.

2. Write down what you feel!

Separation is much easier if you write down all your feelings and thoughts. Write a letter to your ex and tell him / her what you feel. Do not be squeamish! Toss everything in your head, which you always wanted to get rid of. What brought you in the relationship to the white heat? Your jealousy, ignorance or selfishness? Write down what has always bothered you. You’ll see that your ex was not as perfect as you might have guessed. Never send this letter off, but burn it or destroy it and it can be carried away by the wind. Adios love sickness!

3. Clean up!

Give your lovesick a huge ass kick by mucking. Photos of your last love holiday, forgotten clothes or love letters from your ex have no place in your life anymore. No matter what, but everything that reminds you of him / her disappears into the next box. Out of sight, out of mind! Whether you bring the things in the basement, in the attic or straight to the garbage is up to you. In the long run, I plead for the garbage.

4. Keep it and stalking ban!

Pictures of the / m ex on the phone? Clear! Mobile number still stored? Clear! Social media friendship? Cancel! It might sound a little hard, but it will help you to forget about your ex. To prevent you from becoming a hate follower and spying and stalking your ex at Facebook or Instagram, block them everywhere. Why? To protect yourself and to heal wounds and not to tear them up again and again.

5. Follow your goals!

It’s time for you to take care of your dreams. Write down all your goals. You want to get started professionally? Let’s go! You want to learn a new language? Here we go! Now nobody is hanging on to your leg, which can bother or even dissuade you from achieving your goals. And besides the success, you will also be distracted by the heartache. What is better?

6. Turn off!

Distraction is good! Meet up with your boys or girls and tell love-heart to fight. Pull around the houses, put on a wellness day or make a movie night at home with a lot of chocolate, cola, popcorn and nachos. Yes, not only friends, but also food can make you happy. Enjoy the time with the people who put a smile on your face.

7. Move!  

Against stress and anger in the stomach it helps to power up properly. Whether you’re running to clear your mind or do yoga to find your inner peace, it does not matter. You can also muck up, redecorate or polish your home. The negative feelings are transformed into feelings of happiness and you will come to other thoughts guaranteed.

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