5 signs that your partner provokes your separation

It can happen that you arrive at a point in a relationship where you want only one thing: the separation. Then there are the people who do it without talking about the bush. And then there are those many cowardly people who can not, though they would like to. Instead, they do everything to provoke the separation, so that the partner in the end is the one who does not talk around the bush and separates. But what are the five signs that the partner (= gender neutral) provokes the separation?

5 signs that your partner provokes your separation

Of course, none of the signs described here alone indicates that the partner provokes a separation. It is rather a combination of the signs. The decisive factor is always the gut feeling that you should rely on.


Everything seems to be indifferent to your partner

You only fall on deaf ears because your partner does not listen to you and shows no interest in a conversation or you? Or the planned holiday together is not expected any more and the joint future planning was put on hold? If your partner is indifferent, he / she is no longer interested in you and shows you, then it may be because your partner provokes your separation with his / her behavior.


Your partner will find excuses not to spend time with you

Your partner has to work overtime again, to help a friend very urgently, or something else very important has come in between, which can not wait under any circumstances? If your partner always finds excuses to spend less or even no time with you, then the separation is imminent, but your partner is just too cowardly to end the relationship.

Your partner wants a break or needs space

It’s the classic thing not to end the relationship immediately because you’re just too cowardly. Instead, it is said that for unexplainable reasons, you need a break or more space. The hope behind this is that the partner hopes that one alienates oneself at this time or one simply realizes that it also works without partnership and one dares the first step and separates from him / her.

Your partner is doing things that you do not like

Every human being has certain behaviors that can upset someone else. The partner knows what one does not like, which disturbs and even upsets one. If your partner respects and loves you, he will go out of his way to avoid things or to improve his behaviors so as not to break the harmony. But the opposite is the case when your partner provokes your relationship. Then your partner will do everything possible to do things that you do not like in order to upset you.


Your partner is attached to little things

If your partner criticizes you more and your “bad” qualities are brought to the fore, then it may happen that your partner provokes your separation. It seems your good qualities are of no importance anymore, and instead, your partner hangs on trivialities and little quirks that he used to find cute in the past. No matter what you do, it all seems to be wrong, and that’s what your partner makes you feel.

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