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We all agree a threesome can be exciting. The MMF threesome is a particular treat for all those involved. For one, no girl refuses a serving of four caressing hands and an extra sausage. While the two guys get themselves a good taste of real life, interactive porn. One they both watch and participate in.

Rules and tips for the most MMF threesome pleasure

The MMF threesome may be this inviting, but in reality, it also requires a lot of work and preparation. It also comes with a risk. There’s a lot of ways for an MMF threesome to go wrong. Not only ruining a night of supposedly hot sex, but also the relationship if one is involved.

That’s why, it is best to keep these set of rules and tips in mind prior to an MMF threesome:

#1 Always keep communication open. It’s a fact that threesomes are easy until you find yourself in the exact moment. There will be the question of who does what and what goes where. No matter how experienced you are, there’s a part where you just play it by ear.

Most of the time, your threesome partners do things that may surprise, shock, and put you in an uncomfortable position. When these types of situations arise, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. Communicate anything: if it feels good, uncomfortable, or if you want to do something “creative.”

#2 Make sure everybody gets due attention. The most common risk encountered during MMF is when someone gets left behind during the action. Quite understandable given the odd number. However, the trio must always consider that all feel good and involved during the threesome.

#3 Protection. A must-have, especially if you’re all strangers with no idea of each other’s previous s*xual activities, it is wise to bring proper protection.

#4 Communicate expectations and set the rules prior to the threesome. Simply, there will be members of the MMF threesome who want expectations and limits. To make the threesome work, it should be communicated to all parties so that they know when to step on the brakes in case things stray from the comfortable zone during the moment.

Rules and boundaries also help a lot in case the threesome involves a couple in a relationship.

#5 Take a lot of time in choosing your partners. Most often, people choose partners based on their level of attractiveness or openness to a MMF threesome. While all are fine criteria to determine partners, there are other points to consider in choosing your other partners.

**For couples: Don’t pick someone to play a “third wheel.” The usual MMF set-up is a couple looking for a third male partner to complete the trio. However, consider that the guy is a human being too.

As mentioned, singles looking for couples to play with also want to feel loved and involved. Don’t treat the third guy like a third wheel just in there to work for your fantasies. Make him feel part of the threesome, not just room meat.

**For couples who are after a third wheel: try swinger clubs. If you’re a couple really after a third wheel eager to play the part, you can find eager ones guilt free at swinger clubs and similar meet-ups. Not only do they flock to those events making your life easier, you’ll be sure to find someone already experienced to fulfill your MMF threesome fantasies.

**For single first-timers: pick others who are equally single and inexperienced. It will be very exciting if everyone’s on an even playing field. If all three are single and inexperienced in trying their first threesome, there will be much groping around in a manner of speaking.

**For single females: take caution when finding partners. Especially two guys who know each other. Let’s play the devil’s advocate and say that the setup is not always safe and has a margin of possibility for s*xual assault.

#6 Threesome with a friend? They’re more into it than you would think. While some would not agree inviting a close friend into a threesome because it’s embarrassing to ask, you might be in for a treat. Even if they don’t admit it, friends *especially guy friends* have considered a threesome with female friends at one point. All it takes is a little bit of coaxing.

#7 Get acquainted with s*x positions suited for MMF threesomes. Of course, the other problem of MMF threesomes is who goes where. S*xual positions for the MMF threesome is a bit limited compared for couples-only s*x.

#8 Toys are a welcome addition to the threesome. Toys in a threesome is always a good idea. First, it is a quick remedy to the “third wheel” problem. If one fails to find a hole to park into at some point, they have toys to play with while the other two bring him in the fold.

Toys also make the MMF threesome interesting since there will be a lot of hands to be made busy.

#9 Don’t get too drunk. If you’ve read first time threesome stories online, most of them happened because of alcohol. But there’s a rule to letting alcohol join your threesome: drink until you’re all agreeable to a threesome, but not until you’re sloppy.

#10 For guys: Keep your homophobia in check. It’s an MMF, man. Two guys. When the action starts, you’ll get to a part where you brush thighs and other parts together. If you interrupt the act every time to shuffle away from the other guy, maybe an MMF threesome is not for you.


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