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Is Your Relationship Superficial? Watch Out for These Telltale Signs

Are you concerned that your relationship is totally superficial?

While some people are completely satisfied with a relationship thats only skin-deep, others might want a little bit more. Keep reading for the signs that your relationship is superficial, and for some tips on how to work through it.

You Care About Each Others Looks Over Substance

While attraction plays a key role in most relationships, it shouldnt be the only factor that either of you cares about. If youre seeing someone primarily because you think theyre good-looking, and not because they have a nice personality and you enjoy being around them, thats the first clear sign of superficiality. You might find that you dont know much about their interests, and that youre not on the same page about a lot of things. Youre not super curious about them, or invested in what they do—and while you might know about what kinds of materialistic things they admire, you dont have a good sense of what matters to them deep down. The solution? Start asking them big questions and find out if theyre the kind of person you actually want to be with.


You Dont Feel Like You Can Share

Being emotionally closed off is another major indicator that your relationship is shallow. You immediately assume they dont care much about what you have to say, so you dont feel open about revealing your true feelings. You might even be dishonest with them because you dont actually care if they find the truth out down the line. In a superficial relationship, you may find yourself pushing conflicts down instead of addressing them, because it seems too hard and youre not all that interested in making the relationship work or growing from your mistakes. You might think that never fighting is a sign that your relationship is perfect, but it actually means that neither of you is committed enough to voice the things youre concerned about.


All You Care About Is Having Fun

Relationships should definitely have an element of fun, but they canalways be all fun and games. If you disengage from the partnership the minute things start to get more emotional, tense, or just plain real, youre likely not interested in anything more than a surface-level connection. Just because parts of being with someone are hard dont mean they should be ignored—and it definitely doesnt give you the excuse to ignore the other person.


You Do Things Together Simply to Be Seen

Being in a relationship shouldnt feel like one giant photo opp. If you find yourself going out with your significant other simply because you want other people to see you on their arm, chances are your relationship lacks real depth. Take a hard look at the situation to find out whether you actually really like spending time with this person, or you mostly see them as a prop for your cute couples Instagram photos. If this is the case, you might also find that you dont spend a lot of time together except under public circumstances. Its okay to flaunt your partner every once in a while, but that shouldnt be the only reason youre together.

Neither of You Is Interested in a Serious Relationship

In a superficial relationship, chances are that youre not looking ahead together to the future. Youre much more concerned with enjoying yourself and living in the moment than actually dedicating yourself to the relationship. When it comes to long-term plans, you might forget to include the other person simply because you dont see them in your future and dont plan on seeing them stick around for very long. To develop a more earnest relationship, youll have to start thinking about every aspect of your time together and commit to it, rather than letting it slip away from you.


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