Exactly how to Make Yourself Pleased – 10 Habits of Extremely Pleased People

I’ve been there before. We’ve all been there before. The daily mishaps in life have you down, and you’re feeling as though you’re stuck in quicksand, slowly sinking deeper into the pit of despair. It’s common for life to get difficult from time to time. But if you don’t know how to make yourself happy and pick yourself back up, you can run into trouble.

Getting stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of disappointment and internal agony is the worst thing that can happen to a person. These people usually end up depressed, unmotivated, and quite frankly, miserable to be around. But they don’t have to stay that way.

We need struggle in our lives

As much as we’d like to have a life free of any harm and conflict, that reality wouldn’t actually be good for us. And as much as you’ll hate to hear that difficult times in our lives are good for us, it’s true.

Those hard times help make us who we are. They teach us lessons and build us up so we can handle the next disaster that decides to find its way to us.

How to make yourself happy and love life – The habits you need to learn

As quickly as those terrible times come, we want them to go. Sure, we appreciate the lessons we learn, but we also want to get back to a happy life ASAP. Because being happy in life is so much more enjoyable, and you’re able to do so much more when you’re not sitting at home feeling like shit.

You certainly need to sort through your problems and come up with solutions before getting back to a happy life. But if you’ve been feeling like your life is all stress, here’s how to make yourself happy.

Start with a few small changes, and incorporate these habits into your life. And soon, you’ll see how easy it is to be happy… all the time!

#1 Take one day to yourself. There are far too many days when we focus on everything but ourselves. Sure, it’s reasonable to be focused on your goals and your work, but you need some time to yourself every now and then. So take one full day and do whatever the hell you want!

#2 Vent to a friend. Sometimes all we need is to talk to someone. That’s enough to get rid of the dark cloud that seems to be following us around. So call up your best friend and talk about your problems. They may even provide solutions you didn’t even think about.

#3 Eat your favorite junk food. If you’re someone who counts calories and is pretty strict with your cheat meals, it may be time for you to loosen the reigns and down your favorite junk food. We all know devouring a ton of chocolate, ice cream, and even pizza can make us feel so much better.

#4 Make a list and get through it. If you feel bogged down because you’re just overwhelmed with stuff to do, now’s the time to make a list. This is a great tip for how to make yourself happy. Sit down, write out each thing – no matter how small – that you need to do and work on until it’s done.

#5 Don’t weigh yourself every day. This is another one for all you calorie-counting folks out there. I understand wanting to look great and be slimmer, but the scale lies sometimes. The best thing for you to do is to just stop looking at it every day because the number may be putting you in a bad mindset.

#6 Do something kind for someone else. This may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it’s definitely something that will make yourself happy. Do something nice for someone else and relish in the feeling of bringing happiness to someone else’s life.

#7 Get rid of the toxic people in your life. It might not be a dark cloud following you around. It may actually just be your “friend.” We may not realize how toxic people are until we start weeding out those who make us feel annoyed. Get to it.

#8 Think about your health. How’s your health been lately? Something a lot of us don’t realize is putting us into a sour mood is the junk that we’re eating. If you normally eat a lot of processed and fast food, it could be affecting your energy levels, and in turn, your mood in general. Opt for fresh, natural foods.

#9 EAT. On a another note, you actually have to eat. Even if you’re super busy, you have to make time for good wholesome meals. If your body is lacking in nutrition, you’ll lack in energy. SO EAT. Especially eat breakfast.

#10 Clean your place. Maybe you’re in a funk because your house is in a funk. Spend a day deep cleaning the whole thing and watch how refreshed and happy you’ll feel after. You might not think this is a great tip for how to make yourself happy, but it can really work wonders.


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