Increase Your Possibilities of Obtaining Expectant – 8 Really Efficient Ways

Whether you are trying for a baby or not, understanding how your body works when it comes to your chances of getting pregnant is important. At school, we are often given strict warnings about practicing safe s*x to ensure we don’t end up unexpectedly pregnant.

Of course, while safe s*x is a good idea for anyone not deliberately trying to have a child, the truth is, pregnancy doesn’t just ‘happen.’ It can be a little trickier when you actually attempt to conceive.

Increase your chances of getting pregnant

However, some may be surprised to find out there is only a small period of time during a woman’s cycle where it is possible for them to become pregnant. Missing that window of opportunity happens quite easily. Many couples quickly become frustrated with the process, with women getting confused and upset each time their period arrives.

So, is there anything to ensure you become pregnant? While there are no guarantees, the good news is there are plenty of tips and tricks to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Let’s take a look at some of them.

#1 It’s all about the timing. Understanding your menstrual cycle and the most likely time for you to conceive each month is one of the best ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant. A woman’s menstrual cycle has different stages. It commonly lasts between 23 and 35 days.

The first day is the first day of your period *day 1* which usually lasts between three and seven days. After this your body begins to prepare for ovulation, a hormone known as FSH stimulates your ovaries to produce mature eggs, and your womb lining begins to thicken.

For most women ovulation happens in the middle of your cycle. Ensuring you have s*x during this period of time is essential if you want your egg to be fertilized. The good news is that sperm lives in your body for up to five days.

If you miss a day or two around that time, your chances of getting pregnant are not completely obliterated! Knowing when you ovulate can be a little tricky. Understanding how long your menstrual cycle lasts helps, and you can use an ovulation calculator to determine your most fertile days.

Alternatively, using ovulation testing sticks is another good and reliable way to understand when you are at your most fertile. These can be especially helpful for women whose periods are erratic.

#2 Have s*x regularly. This might be a no brainer, but having regular s*x is the best way to ensure that you get pregnant. Some women think it is a good idea to simply wait until they are at their most fertile. However, not having regular s*x means much of the sperm released may already be dead.

#3 Take prenatal vitamins. As soon as you have decided to try for a baby it’s a good idea to start taking prenatal vitamins. They should be taken throughout your pregnancy. Taking folic acid is proven to have a significant impact when it comes to lowering chances of miscarriage, neural tube defects, and spina bifida.

Ones that also contain B6 and Omega-3 are optimum. B6 helps increase fertility and Omega-3 helps your body absorb the vitamins.

#4 Eat a healthy diet. Being overweight negatively impacts your fertility. Try to get your weight down and eat as healthily as possible to ensure you received all the nutrients you need to prepare your body for pregnancy.

#5 Skip the lube. While you might regularly use lube to increase your enjoyment when it comes to bedroom activities, doing so while trying to conceive lowers your chances of doing so.

Lubricants impact sperm mobility so it is less likely to get to where your egg is waiting! There are some fertility friendly options out there so you don’t have to give up on it altogether.

#6 Take it easy. While it is important to stay fit and healthy both before and during pregnancy, you don’t need to push yourself to the extreme. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much exercise!

#7 Relax. Making sure you take time to relax, rest, and recuperate are all important when trying for a baby. If you focus all your time and energy on conceiving it quickly becomes overwhelming, stressful, and upsetting.

Putting too much pressure on yourself and your partner also causes problems in your relationship. No one wants to get down to business if they’ve just had a fight! So, try to relax and let things happen naturally.

#8 Be in it together. Working to get pregnant often falls solely on the woman. However, there is lots your partner can do too. Adopting a healthier lifestyle is the first step. Also, keeping his testicles cool, wearing loose-fitting underwear, and keeping his mobile phone out of his trouser pockets all help improve sperm quality, and your chances of getting pregnant.


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