1. He will never make you doubt his loyalty

If your man flirts with another woman, intentionally causing your jealousy, if he hides his phone every time a message arrives or shows any other sign denouncing that he might consider cheating on you, you should not lose your time with him. A relationship cannot work without trust.

A worthy man will let you know that in his eyes you are the only woman on Earth. He won’t get carried away by immature games and flirting with anyone. He will not run away from engagement, and at no level will you think he is unsure of his feelings.

2. He will never make you run after

You will not need to go out of your way to make him happy.

You won’t have to wait long for him to respond to a simple text message. You won’t have to beg him to find time for you. If he’s the man for you, he’ll do all of these things without even thinking about it.

He will always find a way to show you that he is thinking of you.

He’ll call, send a text and always show up on time. He will meet you halfway down the course and make as much effort as you. If you find yourself chasing, it will only be towards him, not chasing him, and that’s where the difference is.

3. He won’t freeze every time you talk about the future

This guy who starts mumbling and changing the subject every time you talk about future plans, is just not ready for a serious and committed relationship.

It doesn’t mean either that you have to plan something very big right away like moving in together, having children and getting married, especially if it’s about starting a relationship.

That said, he should at least be able to plan your vacation with you, or go to an event that will happen in the coming months or even a year. This means that even at the subconscious level, he cannot imagine his future without you. It is these little things that separate a man worthy of your merit from the one who takes you by boat.

4. He will never judge you

He listens to understand and not to respond. He respects your past, as well as your present. He would never take out your dirty laundry to hurt you or just to highlight your insecurities.

He prefers by far to do everything he can to show you how amazing you are, that everyone has flaws and that there is nothing wrong with that.

A man worthy of you will love your qualities and live with your faults because he is well aware that you will have to face his own too. He knows he’s not perfect and he won’t put that kind of pressure on you either.

5. He will never make promises that he cannot keep.

Continuity will be one of its most precious features.

He’ll want to show you that you can trust him, and that he’s a man you can build with. He will never cancel your plans at the last minute unless a higher power prevents him from doing so.

He will not say a thing today and will come back to it later. He won’t beat around the bush to tell you something – he will tell you directly.

You will never need to doubt him, and even if he sometimes fails in his intentions, you will know that he will have done his best.

6. He will never start an argument without having a good reason

There are men who use arguments as a means of communication. They will start a fight out of nowhere every time something goes wrong. This is just another great warning sign of emotional immaturity.

A man who deserves you will know that sometimes arguments are inevitable, but he will never make them more important than your relationship.

It will not be about winning or losing. It will be a matter of finding common ground – and if it does not happen right away, you will succeed once both of you have calmed down.

An argument from time to time can help a relationship grow and evolve. But if your arguments become daily, then you find yourself in a relationship that is bad for you, and that will gradually exhaust you emotionally.

7. He will never make you feel like you are alone

There are relationships in which you feel more alone than if you really were not. There are men who will have no problem with you doing all the work and making every effort to make it work. They are concerned only with their needs and disappear whenever a situation displeases them.

The good guy will never leave, no matter what.

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