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How Will The Healing Energy Of The New Moon Affect The Zodiac Signs This Week?

As the Moon completes her monthly journey and begins a new phase on Thursday, it will be sending us some great new energies.

Jupiter is finally in Direct motion, bringing in abundant opportunities. With Venus squaring Uranus and Mercury squaring Jupiter this, it is a great time to come up with innovative plans. The energies might seem too intense at times, so don’t lose your calm. Saturn’s trine with the Virgo New Moon will help you remain focused.

Here’s how your zodiac sign will fare under the Virgo New Moon this week:


You’ve been worrying too much about your problems and responsibilities. Trust the New Moon to help you resolve those issues. You’re carrying a burden that is not your own. Let the Universe take care of it.


You tend to turn very anxious over minor tasks. Not everything is an urgent matter. You might feel trapped in your current situation, but the New Moon in Virgo will send you the inspiration you need. A great opportunity is in front of you, now you will have the chance to grab it.


Let the New Moon boost your self-confidence. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your abilities. You have worked hard to reach where you are today, so don’t be shy now. You’re all set for making the big change you have been planning. The New Moon night is a great time to get the gears moving.


We all have our own plans, and then the Universe leads us down a different path. It is time for you to let go of your attachments and go with the flow. The worst is behind you. Embrace a positive attitude and take some time off. This will the time to reconnect with your intuition.


You feel the urge to adjust some aspects of your life, but it’s nothing major. It would be much better for you to just accept those parts of your life. You’re being prepared for something big, so don’t let small issues distract you. Have an open mind, and accept the messages the New Moon will send you.


Stop looking for the right answers and start asking the right questions. If you remain hopeful now, you’ll have the opportunity to transform a wish into your reality. If you can ask yourself the right questions, they will lead you closer to your goal.


You are set on your path to success, and nothing will disturb it. Just keep your expectations realistic. When you come across obstacles, know that they are there only to test your passion. The Virgo New Moon will bring new hopes to your heart, just stay determined.


You have been dealing with some curveballs lately, but now things are changing for the better. The Moon will help you understand something that you have been struggling with. Great success awaits you this week, and it will far better than what you’ve ever imagined!


The Virgo New Moon is bringing you a second opportunity to fix a past error. You need to let go of your negative attitude and be open to new ideas. Your true potential can be unleashed under this moonlight if you can stay true to yourself.


Time to make some serious decision, Capricorns! Don’t let others drag you. Accept the healing energies of the New Moon and allow space for a new perspective. It will show you what to let go of.


If you have been stuck in a situation, the Universe will now guide you out of it. You have a protective shield around you, and the New Moon will send you the strength you need to overcome some tough situations.


You have been planning something innovative for some time now. Maybe you haven’t figured out the details yet, but don’t stop exploring. You might have something great on your hands, so keep pushing. The New Moon will make the process easier for you!

The New Moon in Virgo is bringing good news for all the zodiacs. Seems like a great week ahead!

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