How to recognize and attract an awake / conscious man

How to recognize an awake/conscious man

We use the term conscious or evolved (awakened) to describe a man who is fully aware of his thoughts, feelings, perceptions, beliefs, opinions, and who is not afraid to recognize and express the depths of who he is.

A conscious man is not afraid of his powerful masculine or feminine energy and he is constantly seeking a balance in the two.

A conscious man knows that his masculine energy brings him determination, analytical thinking, assertiveness and pushes him to fight and that his feminine side brings him patience, an open heart, loving, nurturing, and deep inner calm.

Conscious men often seem unreachable, and many women seem to attract the same types of men over and over again, repeating the same mistakes, learning the same lessons over and over again.

This is because women may turn a blind eye to a conscious man because they are afraid that they will not live by the same standards as a conscious man, or some women may not know exactly how to recognize a conscious man. when they encounter one.

A conscious man can make other people feel like they are dealing with all of their insecurities. It may seem like he is holding up a mirror so that others can see their reflection clearly and distinctly.

If we don’t have high self-esteem, this reflection can make us run away and hide from our problems rather than facing them and doing the necessary work and making changes for our personal growth.

To easily recognize a conscious man, here are some of the most common traits that can be found:

-Takes control and responsibility for their own life.

-A man who is of deep integrity.

-A conscious man will be interested in a natural woman.

-Create a secure space for communication.

– True to his word.

-Consistent, especially in difficult times.

-He is not afraid of criticism.


-Accept his mistakes and face his mistakes.

-Has self-love, self-esteem, and high self-esteem.

-Listens fully and communicates clearly and honestly.

-Not co-dependent.

-Does not have the need or desire to control their relationship.

-In contact with his feminine side.

-Do not avoid conflicts.

-Honest, open, loyal and trustworthy.

-Connects completely and makes his / her partner unique.

-Care deeply for the planet and all its inhabitants.

-Knows how to please a woman without thinking about her needs.

A conscious man will take care of his emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health, and he will likely be attracted to someone who looks like him.

To attract a conscious man, it is essential to do the vital inner work necessary to ensure a progression towards self-love and the best version of who we are so that we can reach our highest potential.

A conscious man is intrigued by a woman who is comfortable being his authentic and complete self. The flaws, the imperfections will have no importance for a conscious man. He prefers a woman to appear completely as she is, accepting that she is making progress, rather than trying to hide and be someone she is not.

A conscious man will be seduced by a woman who doesn’t talk about what people think of her. The one who does not want to change, merge, or compromise to conform to the norms or expectations of society. The conscious man will be attracted to a woman who sets her own guidelines, standards, and moral codes. Just knowing that she is true to herself, honoring herself and those around her is what a conscious man finds intoxicating and magnetizing.

A conscious man will not want a woman who is committed to making him happy, he wants a woman whose main goal is to make himself happy. He knows that everyone is responsible for their own happiness. A conscious man loves being in the company of a free-spirited woman who sets out on adventures to explore her dreams and fantasies.

A conscious man accepts a woman as she is and does not expect her to be constantly happy. He fully understands that life will offer all nuances and knows that everyone has inner demons to overcome.

There is a great level of inner peace and calm with a conscious man, and he will very rarely lose his self-control and not let his emotions take over.

There will be no play with a conscious man, he will immediately detect manipulative behavior. He doesn’t have time for drama or addicted people, he wants people who aren’t afraid to speak their truth and who don’t use deception to gain attention.

A conscious man wants to be with a woman who won’t judge him for truly being himself, and likewise, he won’t judge her back. He wants to be free to taste all that life has to offer, make mistakes, learn from them, and start over every day.

While a conscious man wants to be accepted for who he is, he also wants to be surrounded by a woman who isn’t afraid to call him in her bubble. He respects a woman who pushes him to reach his highest potential, but only when a woman does so from a place of love and not of fears or insecurities.

When in a relationship with a conscious man, it is important to let go of the past and to exist in the present moment. Carrying heavy luggage or missing loves will prevent the deepening of the relationship and a conscious man will be aware of the presence of barriers and walls.

Unresolved or unhealed painful memories radiate powerful negative energy and it is essential that these wounds be recognized and overcome. When the job is done, instead of attracting the same types of energy and relationships that caused the onslaught of old traumatic patterns, new energy and new love will radiate out which will then attract a vibration similar to the one that is. sent.

In a relationship with a conscious man, it will not be necessary to focus on the superficial aspects of our life. The conscious man is interested and intrigued by what lies deep in our soul and what goes on in our mind. It is important to stop worrying about outward appearances and to judge if we are good enough or if we deserve anyone’s attention or admiration.

Women who can fully accept themselves and also who worship and honor their inner Goddess will radiate an abundance of energy and sensuality which strongly appeals to conscious men.

The conscious man has powerful inner energy, but he will not use it to his advantage to seduce or gain the affection or advances of women. He knows exactly how to respect and honor a woman and admires women who are aware of their magnetizing energy.

If a woman is to attract a conscious man into her life, she must first let go of everything she has known from past relationships: all the evil, pain, and mistrust and recognize all the qualities that a conscious man possesses. .

A male warrior and a female goddess can together create a harmonious partnership, soul relationship and life-changing that will be a sacred commitment to worshiping each other’s paths and journeys, while remaining steadfast and genuine in their own. life.

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